Why Brooke returned to The Bachelor mansion

"There were definitely a few red flags being back at home."
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When Brooke Cleal returned to the Bachelor mansion after some time away to say goodbye to her beloved grandfather, no one was more shocked than her fellow contestants.

WATCH BELOW: Brooke Cleal returns to the Bachelor mansion

Dressed in a show-stopping red dress, the 27-year-old meant business and only had Jimmy Nicholson on her mind.

“I’m here for Jimmy, that’s who I want. So move over ladies, nothing can really stop me now,” she declared as she entered her first cocktail party back.

Whilst some contestants and viewers saw her return as an unfair advantage, a lot went down before. 

“I’m here for Jimmy, that’s who I want. So move over ladies, nothing can really stop me now.” (Credit: Ten)

In a preview for Wednesday night’s episode, Brooke, who temporarily left the show after the sudden death of her grandfather, revealed why she chose to come back.

“I did tell you that it was an easy decision to come back, but it actually came from lots of things happening under the carpet,” she tells Jimmy in the clip.

“There were definitely a few red flags being back at home and knowing I can have access back to social media and things like that.”

Brooke added that she did “a cheeky stalk” of Jimmy but didn’t expect to see paparazzi photos of her fellow contestants Holly, Lily and Ash.

“That does pose a lot of insecurity for me.”

As well as being granted access to social media and the Internet once more, the occupational therapist revealed that she and Jimmy were in contact when she was away.

“I have lost physical time with Jimmy but emotionally I’m actually in quite a good place with him. The short chats that we’ve had whilst being out of the mansion, it’s made me really confident and he’s made me really reassured,” she said ahead of her first cocktail party back.

A source also told the Daily Mail that producers “ended up getting Jimmy to FaceTime her and begged her to come back.”

Brooke makes it to hometowns – but she gets thrown under the bus! (Credit: Ten)

Whilst we know Brooke makes it to hometowns, it seems that she doesn’t win Jimmy’s heart in the finale.

According to Sportsbet and TAB, the brunette beauty is tipped to come third, with Holly and Carlie taking the winner and runner-up positions, respectively.

What’s more, her brother appears to throw her under the bus at hometowns! 

“You were saying that Brooke’s quite independent, she’s not. Being thrown into living in Sydney, she would struggle with that.”

The 27-year-old made a great first impression on Jimmy. (Credit: Ten)

Brooke caught Jimmy’s eye at the very first cocktail party and was the first woman to meet him on the red carpet.

The frontrunner brought a Sri Lankan love cake, the recipe of which had been passed down through generations of her family.

“I’m sort of doing backflips inside. Brooke has definitely made a very big impression,” he confessed in the premiere. 

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