The Bachelor’s Jay tells who will win Jimmy’s heart

"He loves her so much!"
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Despite being given the key to the business lounge during the first cocktail party, nutritionist Jay Lal failed to receive a rose from Jimmy Nicholson on last night’s episode of The Bachelor Australia.

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She made it all the way to the top three alongside Holly Kingston and Brooke Cleal but, in the end, Jay’s Bachelor journey was cut short.

The New Zealander describes her time on the dating show as a “rollercoaster” but “overall positive”.

“Watching it back it looks like I was on trial the whole time,” she tells New Idea.

“Trial” is an apt name as, throughout her time in the mansion, Jay was accused of secretly wanting to place runner-up, as well as secretly not wanting children. And then there was the bombshell that she had previously dated the NZ Bachelor.

Jay tells us that, though these rumours may have been the focus on screen, the reality was much different, especially during her and Jimmy’s final moments together.

“Watching it back it looks like I was on trial the whole time.” (Credit: Ten)

“We were both bawling our eyes out but it just didn’t really capture our connection at the end; it was all kind of based around silly rumours which was upsetting. But I know what happened, so that’s OK.”

When asked if she thought Jimmy would have picked her if it wasn’t for the rumours, Jay confesses she isn’t sure.

“I like to think that without them, Jimmy would have picked me but I don’t know, but I do think they definitely tarnished our relationship.

“It was really, really good; we had such a good relationship and then I could see doubt creeping into his mind and at that point I was like ‘Oh yeah, he’s definitely slowly going off me’, I could kind of tell.”

“I tend to go for guys that are real thinkers and are really, really intelligent and I felt like he was definitely like that.” (Credit: Ten)

But despite where Jimmy’s head was at, Jay tells New Idea she absolutely would have dated him on the outside world.

“He was such an interesting guy. I tend to go for guys that are real thinkers and are really, really intelligent and I felt like he was definitely like that.

“One thing I really liked about him was that when I asked him questions, even if they were stupid questions, he’d really think about his answers and I found that quite hot. He’s definitely a guy I’d go for in the real world.”

As for whether real-world Jimmy is the same as on-camera Jimmy, Jay can vouch for his on-screen persona; however, she does confess the pilot is a bit “cheekier” when not being recorded.

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The 31-year-old also reveals she personally struggled with being so closely observed. 

“I found it quite difficult to be honest; a lot of the time you’d forget the camera was there, but at times you are aware of it so I did find it quite difficult to connect and be true because I’m terrible at acting.”

At the end of it all, despite all the rumours, Jay is happy with the experiences and the friendships she’s formed with the girls in the mansion.

But while she is currently contractually not allowed to talk to Jimmy, the nutritionist tells New Idea that she’s not sure if the pair will strike up a friendship in the future.

Jay is adamant that Brooke will win the show. (Credit: Ten)

“I think it would be a bit weird. I think it would depend on where his head’s at or who he’s with and how they feel about me. I wouldn’t say no but I just think it might be a little bit weird, to be honest.”

As for who the second runner-up thinks will manage to land the pilot, despite Sportsbet being firmly Team Holly, Jay is adamant that Brooke will win the show.

“Watching it on TV, you can just tell how in love he is with Brooke and she keeps telling him all these things he doesn’t want to hear – she can’t move to Sydney, she can’t ever be alone – but I just think he looks like he loves her so much, I think it’s going to be her at the end.”

We guess all will be revealed during tonight’s finale!

This article was originally published on our sister site, New Idea.

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