Abbie left devastated after Network 10 forced a run in with Matt and Chelsie

"That is the most horrible thing I have ever experienced in my life."
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This morning, Channel 10 forced an already devastated Abbie Chatfield into a confrontation with Matt Agnew and Chelsie McLeod after the Network planned for their interviews to be filmed quite literally metres away from each other. 

With one clear glass window separating Abbie from her ex-boyfriend and his current girlfriend, the 23-year-old went into a state of panic when she looked over her shoulder and saw the loved up couple holding hands while being interviewed by Nova 9.69’s Fitzy and Wippa. 

“I don’t want to weird you out right now but they are in that studio over there,” Smallzy tells Abbie before she awkwardly responds, “that’s alright.” 

However, it’s clear by the look in her eyes she’s far from ok. Unable to look away, the runner up finally turns back to the camera and says, “holy f**k.”

Although Wippa gives her the option to leave the studio, a stoic Abbie bravely soldiers on. But not before she points at the couple and says: “That is the most horrible thing I have ever experienced in my life.” 

Matt and Chelsie were also alerted that Abbie was in the studio, with The Bachelor revealing that he spotted Abbie from afar, however swiftly avoided an awkward run-in. 

You can watch the gut-wrenching footage below. A little warning, you might cry. We all did 🙁 

Regardless of whether you like Abbie or not, you can’t help but feel for the property analyst who literally had her heart shattered in front of the entire country. Although it’s been months since filming wrapped, she says she’s still struggling to cope with the fact that the man she once loved is now dating someone else. 

Abbie staring awkwardly at Chelsie and Matt

She revealed this morning during her interview that she was “absolutely heartbroken” when Matt dumped her. 

“I trusted Matt when he told me how he felt about me,” she said. 

After we watched in shock as Matt revealed Chelsie was the woman of his dreams, Abbie— who says she “still hasn’t fully healed” from her heartache— broke the Network’s protocol and shared a candid Instagram post about her experience. 

“The only way I can describe this moment is complete and utter shock. I was numb. I couldn’t and didn’t want to feel anything. I had felt for weeks that what Matt and I had was real and I trusted him wholeheartedly when he told me how he felt about me.

“Hearing Matt say “my heart is with someone else” reminded me that we were filming and that Matt had to make a difficult decision, and he did not see in me what I saw in him. I felt silly for ever imagining Matt would love me. It was like emotional whiplash. I was so confused and it felt like I was in a dystopian reality. 

She concluded: “The second the cameras turned off, I sobbed. I screamed. I couldn’t breathe. I didn’t think this would be how we would end. I spent weeks crying about this relationship that had almost no closure. I still haven’t fully healed from my relationship with Matt, but I know he and the gorgeous woman he is with are happy, and that’s all that matters.” 

On a brighter note, it seems as though there’s still hope for the unlucky in love Bachelorette, with the blonde bombshell all but confirming this morning that she could be heading to Fiji next year to star on Bachelor in Paradise.

Although she didn’t technically confirm the news, she nodded and smiled when Fitzy & Wippa brought up the show in conversation. 

“You’re single, you’re famous and you have Bachelor in Paradise right around the corner,” Fitzy said as Abbie nodded. “Congratulations on that,” he added as a visibly excited Abbie giggled. 

“I think it’s a really good process and I know what I’m doing now. I probably wouldn’t say on camera “I’m really horny” again though, so I’ve learned my lesson.” 

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