All the clues that Holly Kingston wins The Bachelor

She's dressed for success!
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She’s currently the bookies’ favourite to win Jimmy Nicholson’s heart on The Bachelor and now, there are some sneaky clues that Holly Kingston will be the last woman standing.

WATCH BELOW: Jimmy Nicholson meets Holly Kingston on The Bachelor

When she rocked up to the Bachelor mansion in a fluorescent yellow gown that many of us couldn’t pull off in our wildest dreams, Holly certainly made an impression on Jimmy, 31.

Upon meeting on the red carpet, the 27-year-old marketing manager for a womenswear retailer whisked Jimmy off to a corner for a brief but memorable “date” at a makeshift version of a wine bar.

“Having this little sit down with Holly over a glass of wine, I’m just feeling really relaxed. It’s flirty, it’s fun, this feels like a real first date,” the Bachelor mused afterwards. 

“It feels like talking to an old friend. An old friend that’s really attractive.”

From the moment they met, Jimmy and Holly seemed to click. (Credit: Ten)

But at the third cocktail party, Holly donned a dress that may ring a bell for eagle-eyed Bachie fans.

The black ballgown looks just like the one worn by last season’s winner Irena Srbinovska at her first cocktail party where she met Locky Gilbert.

Even the detailing on the bodice is the same, though we presume there’s a different lining underneath.

What do you reckon? 

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Same dress, different lining? (Credit: Ten)

Jimmy’s also spilled that his celeb crush is TV and radio star Carrie Bickmore, and we have to admit Holly bears a strong resemblance to The Project presenter.

What’s more, trailers show the pair’s sizzling chemistry on their first single date together when they went paddle-boarding with Jimmy’s adorable border collie.

“My pick for winner,” one fan commented on the official Bachelor Instagram’s post about the date.

“She gets to hang out with him AND his dog. She’s the real winner already,” noted another.

Holly also has odds at 1.35 and 1.10 on Sportsbet and TAB, respectively, to win. 

The chemistry is sizzling! (Credit: Ten)

In yet another clue, at home towns Jimmy lingered on the street and went on to share an intimate moment with Holly for “one last goodbye”.

“A very important aspect of home towns is the goodbye on the doorstep and Holly had an incredibly dramatic, romantic, doorstep moment and I’m really seeing the strands of love through their home town visit,” mused Bachie alum Alisha Aitken-Radburn on her and Osher Günsberg’s podcast, Cocktails and Roses.

“I think that they have the foundations of something very strong.”

Jimmy had a special “last goodbye” with Holly at home towns. (Credit: Ten)

Whilst Holly has great odds to be Jimmy’s number one, she admitted that she’s scared of one thing.

“My biggest fear in this whole process is probably letting my guards down and getting heartbroken at the end but I think we’re here now so let’s just do it, let’s go for it,” she laughed during the premiere.

Guess we’ll have to stay tuned to see how their love story pans out!

WATCH BELOW: Jimmy speaks about his dating history

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