Bachie star Rachael takes a swipe at newly-single Matt Agnew

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On Sunday evening, Matt Agnew sent shockwaves through the nation when he announced “with a heavy heart” that he’d parted ways with Chelsie McLeod.

WATCH: Angie Kent weighs in on Matt and Chelsie’s unexpected split

While neither party gave a reason as to why they split, the nature of the astrophysicist’s unemotional announcement post hinted he was the one to call time on their romance just eight weeks after The Bachelor finale aired. 

Since then, Chelsie’s Bachie co-star, Rachael Arahill, seems to have confirmed speculation she was blindsided by their breakup, taking a not so subtle swipe at Matt on social media. 

That’s got to sting! (Credit: Instagram)

After Chelsie shared her side of the story in a deeply honest Instagram post and one fan asked why they’d separated, Rachael promptly entered the conversation, writing: “So does Chelsie.” 

Yep, it sure looks like The Bachelor winner was left in the dark by Matt, which is a very big call. 

Last season’s villain— who played a major part in that dog c**t scandalalso inferred Chelsie had “invested” more into their relationship than Matt had… which makes sense considering he’s been travelling abroad in recent months. 

Chelsie has found an unlikely ally in Rachael. (Credit: Instagram/Network 10)

This year’s Bachelorette, Angie Kent, also hinted these factors contributed to the demise of their relationship, revealing during last night’s episode of Have You Been Paying Attention? that it’s tough to make it work after the cameras stop rolling. 

Once you get out of the Bachie bubble, it’s up to you then to kind of create a connection and see how it goes,” the 29-year-old said. “It’s hardcore.

Angie and Carlin were forced to answer a few awkward questions on the show. (Credit: Network 10)

Both Rachael and Angie’s comments come after Bachelor runner-up, Abbie Chatfield, broke her silence on their split, quickly shutting down rumours she plans to reconnect with the astrophysicist. 

Taking to Instagram— after fans flocked to the comments section of her latest post asking whether she saw the news coming— the future Bachelor In Paradise star said she “had nothing to do with their relationship”, confirming she ceased all contact with Matt after he dumped her during The Bachelor finale.

Abbie was left heartbroken when Matt revealed he was in love with Chelsie. (Credit: Supplied)

“I’ve been tagged in a lot of comments this morning on posts about Matt and Chelsie’s relationship ending. Some of you are saying it’s my shot, others are saying that he’s done a Blake Garvey. None of this is fair on Chelsie, Matt or me,” she wrote in a heartfelt Instagram story.

“My contact with Matt ended when I walked away from him at [the] finale, and I am good friends with Chelsie and love her very much.” 

She concluded her post by asking fans to ease up on the invasive comments, admitting she has no interest in getting involved. 

“These comments are unnecessary and aren’t helping anyone. I have nothing to do with their relationship or their breakup, so I’d appreciate it if I was left out of the conversation. Matt and Chels are great humans and I want them to both be happy.” 

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