The Bachelorette: Jamie Doran’s secret love child

The reality star was embroiled in a DNA test scandal
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The Bachelor in Paradise women have no idea what they’ve let themselves in for!

Despite 40-year-old Jamie Doran offering up roses in Fiji like he’s Oprah handing out cars, it turns out the firefighter has been harbouring a shocking secret.

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A resurfaced report from New Idea has revealed that Doran enjoyed a secret hook-up with an American model in 2016.

Nine months later, in early 2017, she gave birth to a baby girl – putting Jamie at the very centre of a paternity scandal.

“Jamie met the model at a bar when he was travelling through the US,” an inside source told New Idea.

“They swapped numbers and stayed friends for a year. He went back a year later and they hung out again over a number of weeks.


“They ended up sleeping together. Jamie continued on with his travels.”

In 2017, the model gave birth whilst Jamie was enjoying some time in the UK.

“She rang him while he was in London and said, ‘I think this is your baby’,” says the source. “Jamie said it couldn’t be as he had used protection, but she insisted it was.”

New Idea reported that in October 2017, Jamie underwent a paternity test.

It turned out to be negative.

“He was totally relieved. Having a child at that point in his life was the last thing that he wanted.”

Bachelor in Paradise Jamie
Jamie is back for second shot of love on Bachelor in Paradise. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Jamie is searching for a second shot at love on Bachelor in Paradise after being dubbed the “stage five clinger” on Angie Kent’s season of The Bachelorette.

He’s already caused a stir just two episodes into season three of Bachelor in Paradise  after promising multiple women his rose.

However, he eventually gifted his rose to Brittney Weldon, which meant Abbie Chatfield and Janey Birks were sent packing.

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