The Bachelor’s Emily Diben admits Nick Cummins isn’t ready to settle down

The lovable dance teacher just dropped a MAJOR bombshell.

She won over Australia’s heart with her genuine personality and her beautifully bright smile. But to everyone’s disbelief, the dance teacher didn’t receive a rose in tonight’s ceremony. 

Now, in a honest and candid chat with WHO, the 24-year-old drops a major bombshell that NO ONE saw coming! 


WHO: Do you think Nick is ready to find The One? 

Emily: Looking back, he did say that he wasn’t ready to settle down. He said that he had a five-year plan and he wanted to travel and had things to tick off his bucket list, whereas I am looking for some stability and someone to really be with for the rest of my life. I don’t think we were on the same page in terms of timelines. I think it will take a really special person to be with him. 

WHO: We were so sad to see you go. How were you feeling about Nick by the end of your time on the show? 

Emily: I really liked him, I thought he was great. We had really good chemistry and even though the last bit of my single date was awkward, we had the chance to get to know each other really well. A lot of our time spent together was off screen. Like, I even taught Nick how to salsa dance. But I guess it wasn’t meant to be, and that is ok, we both knew that. 


WHO: We were all waiting on the edge of our seat for you to receive a single date. Was it hard waiting? 

Emily: It was tough. We had made a connection but we didn’t have enough time to explore how we felt about each other. I always felt really confused but I kept telling myself that there must have been a reason that he kept me around and kept promising that my single date was coming and that it was going to be really special. When there was a chance for us to move forward, I said to Nick: “If you are not feeling like this is going somewhere and you don’t think I will be the girl at the end, please send me home.” I am a really sensitive person and I just thought, if he doesn’t want me, I needed to get out of there and move on. 


WHO: Are you dating anyone now? 

Emily: No, unfortunately I am still single. I auditioned for the show because I have given dating such a good go, but I live in Canberra and there isn’t much choice! I was ready to either find love of expand my friendship group and hopefully and potentially meet someone that way. I wanted to broaden my connections! 

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