The Block: Sara and Hayden

Get to know the newlyweds from NSW.
Photographed by Who by Adam Haddrick

With a little one at home, it’s no wonder construction manager Hayden, 45, and stay-at-home mum Sara, 33, found The Block experience to be tough going.

WHO: Congratulations on getting married! When was the wedding?

Sara: October 21, 2017. We applied for the show in September last year, did one interview and then got married. Then after the big day we had one more interview and jetted off to our honeymoon.

WHO: Hayden, you’re a bit older than Sara. Were you ready to settle down?

Sara: I was the one who didn’t want to get in to a relationship. He kept pestering me!

Hayden: I think you were waiting for someone to sweep you off your feet.

WHO: So did you know straight away that Hayden was the one, Sara?

Sara: Mmm, it wasn’t really like that for us. It was more of a growing friendship and fondness. It wasn’t like, “Oh, I’m madly in love with him.” It just grew, and when you fall in love with your best friend it’s a lot different to falling in love in an infatuation situation.

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WHO: Why did you apply for the show?

Hayden: I knew that it would set up our daughter, Harlow, for her future, and any other siblings that she has.

Sara: I also wanted to know the secrets behind the show—that was something I looked forward to.

WHO: How did you find your time on the show?

Hayden: For the first few days we had to camp in a room that had dusty floors and no showers. Everything we were used to was stripped away.

Sara: We were pretty pumped initially but as the weeks progressed, the tiredness and frustration set in. We were dying on our arses.

  • Interview by Erin Miller

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