The Bold Type: Going out with a bang!

The cast of the hit show chat to WHO about saying goodbye after five seasons.
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After five seasons as Kat, Jane and Sutton, actresses Aisha Dee, Katie Stevens and Meghann Fahy understandably have “very mixed feelings” about saying goodbye to their Bold Type roles.

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“I think we’ll all miss these three characters,” Stevens, 28, tells WHO over Zoom. “But I think they’re so similar to the three of us, our friendship and how it exists in the real world. So, in that, we have a gift for life.”

While the three ladies are only reunited via screens during our chat, you can tell their bond is unbreakable. Here, they talk about their final foray on The Bold Type

The Bold Type
Dee, Stevens and Fahy are saying goodbye after five seasons (Credit: Stan)

With only six episodes in the final season, how did you manage to wrap things up in such a short time?

FAHY: That was a really tricky thing for the writers because we were in a unique position when we wrapped Season 4 – we got cut two episodes short because of COVID-19. Then when we got picked up for Season 5, there was only six episodes. So I think, based on where they had left us, they were kind of stuck in a sense, and they only had six episodes to get us to a place that felt really good. They had a really hard job to do but they did great.

DEE: I think all the girls end up where they’re supposed to.

The final episode is soon to air. (Credit: Stan)

What was the last day like for each of you?

DEE: We were really lucky because they kind of worked the schedule in a way so our last day was a big party scene, so everyone was there. And we were actually in the same location that we finished at in the first season. It felt really full circle and kind of kismet to be back at that location again. We’ve also had a lot of the same cast and crew over the past five seasons, so it was pretty … I wasn’t expecting to get as emotional as I was. Katie was emotional!

STEVENS: The whole week. The whole month. It was just so crazy because every other year we’ve finished a season but they’ve still kept the sets up, so you weren’t seeing these things disappear. I’m somebody who is very emotional and very sensitive, so I was kind of creating that nostalgia for myself throughout that time. I was saying goodbye to things being like, ‘Oh my God, this is the last line that I’m going to say as Jane’ or ‘This is my last time in Jane’s apartment’. Even though that sounds like it’s very sad, it was really actually just therapeutic because it allowed me and the girls to really soak in each and every moment.

The Bold Type
The castmates are good friends in real life (Credit: Instagram)

Are you all happy with where your characters end up in the series?

DEE: It’s hard to say whether we’re happy where anyone ends up without ruining the entire thing. But I do hope that no matter where the girls end up, I just hope that the show comforts people. Because that’s what it’s always been about.

Is there anything else that you hope fans will take away from the show?

DEE: I hope it really empowers people, however you identify. I know nobody ever feels like they are the demographic for the show and that’s something that we all hear a lot. People say, ‘I know I probably shouldn’t really be watching this show but …’ The truth is, the show belongs to everyone and actually doesn’t even belong to us anymore – it belongs to everyone out there, on the other side of the screen. I hope that people gain a sense of power and self-assurance from it, knowing that there’s no right or wrong way to live your life.

The Bold Type
The stars share some good memories on set (Credit: Instagram)

What’s been your favourite storyline throughout the five seasons?

STEVENS: It seems so cliché to say, but I truly mean it, anything that has to do with the heart of the show, which is our friendship, and any storyline where the end result has us being there and supporting each other. They were the most fulfilling stories to tell because they felt so true to real life.

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Do you think your off-screen friendship will survive not seeing each other every day?

FAHY: No [laughs].

STEVENS: We will survive that, we’ve survived every storm that’s been thrown at us – this is just the newest storm. We’re in pretty constant contact with each other. I think that will continue and we’ll continue to see each other. I’ll force myself on them for years to come.

FAHY: We’re also bonded just by the fact we experienced such a specific thing together. No-one else, except the three of us, will ever really understand what that was like. That’s kind of cool, too.

The Bold Type finale airs Thu., Jul. 1 on Stan

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