REVIEW: ‘The Family Law’ S3

The SBS family comedy is back for a final season
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As the final season of the comedy based on writer Benjamin Law’s upbringing on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast begins, life hasn’t got any easier for Benjamin (Trystan Go).

In this week’s opening double bill, he navigates teenage parties and high-school bullies in his own inimitable style. Spoiler alert: daggy dancing is involved. Meanwhile, when mum Jenny (Fiona Choi) bumps into another car at school drop-off, it leads to an unexpected romantic connection with the owner – a fellow parent played by guest star Jeremy Lindsay Taylor.

Unlike similar American shows that chart the adolescence of a kid who doesn’t fit in, The Family Law seems to know when to bring its story to a close, with these final six episodes (airing over three weeks as doubles) providing a suitable send-off to the Law family, without the clan outstaying their welcome. In coming weeks, Benjamin’s story of self-discovery will also reach a climax as he confronts and comes to terms with his sexuality. (Starts Sat., Jan. 12 at 8.30pm; SBS) 3 stars

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