The Masked Singer’s Baby remains a mystery!

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Possibly one of the most unnerving costumes to date on The Masked Singer Australia, Baby has left us guessing for weeks now.

WATCH BELOW: The Masked Singer Australia | Baby Performs ‘Me Too’

Although we’ve had some awesome reveals so far, we’re impatient to know who is behind that big humanoid mask and saccharine voice.

The judges so far have floated the likes of Ruby Rose and Bec Hewitt has potential guesses, but they’re yet to hit the nail on the head.

Here, we’re trying to make sense of just who Baby might be.

Who is Baby? (Credit: Ten)

The clues

We’ve had a lot of Baby clues so far.

They never want to grow up, they stand up for what they believe in, and are known for having a good laugh.

However, some of the clues that fans have picked up on in particular have included Baby’s constant use of the term ‘Waa! Waa!’ and a ‘nasty web you weave’, which they have connected to two potential masked singers.

Is it Charlotte Crosby? (Credit: Getty)

Charlotte Crosby

The former star of Geordie Shore allegedly leaked that she was in hotel quarantine around the time the show was about to begin filming, and since she hasn’t popped up anywhere else since, it’s definitely an option!

“Charlotte Crosby. Web reference = Charlotte’s Web. Got angry with the bed = Cross Bee/Crosby. Also she leaked that she was quarantining in Australia when this show was about to start filming,” somebody guessed on Instagram.

Charlotte is also known for having a good laugh, having always come across as a fun and loveable personality.

Is it Ella Hooper? (Credit: Getty)

Ella Hooper

The former lead singer of the band Killing Heidi has also been among the guesses.

“Ella Hooper. Her label is Wah Wah and she’s from Violet Town,” another individual guessed on Instagram, linking Baby’s catch cry and the fact that they have “been around flowers all their life”.

Ella also only went to school up until Year 11, which would suit the clue “there’s nothing school could teach me.”

A few other guesses, such as Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Kylie Minogue have also been floated, but Charlotte and Ella are particularly convincing.

We’re very excited to see who might be under that mask!

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