Surprise! Here’s who won The Masked Singer for 2022

Did you guess who it was?
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The Masked Singer has finally come to an end after weeks of stellar performances and shocking reveals.

WATCH BELOW: First look at The Masked Singer 2022

And tonight, we finally got the very end to see Mirrorball crowned as the winner of the show’s fourth season.

But even more satisfying was our final reveal, and as Mirrorball took off their mask, we were excited and not all that surprised to find out it was Melody Thornton under the mask the whole time!

“I’m speechless. Melody, you were brilliant from the first moment you walked on that stage. You owned every single performance. You were the standout for the competition,” Hughesy, who FINALLY guessed a masked celeb, said.

Mirrorball won! (Credit: Ten)

“It was so nice to have just lovely comments and encouragement as well to bring this character alive more and more. You made me safer and safer. So I thank you so much. I love you all so much,” Melody said.

While we got to see Mirrorball unmasked, the two runners-up, Snapdragon and Rooster were also shown to us in stunning reveals.

As we expected, Sheldon Riley was beneath the Snapdragon mask, and we were unsurprised to find Hugh Sheridan underneath the Rooster mask.

We saw some great reveals this season! (Credit: 10)

This season saw some pretty big names come out from underneath their trademark impressive costumes.

We first caught Neighbours star Ryan Moloney unmasked as The Knight, followed by Lisa Curry in a gorgeous caterpillar costume.

We learned all about Emma Watkins’ nerves around singing when she was revealed as the identity beneath the Zombie mask, and we all rejoiced to see Shannon Noll come out from underneath the Blowfly costume, even though we were pretty sure it was him from his first performance.

Host Osher Günsberg also joined in on the fun. (Credit: 10)

This season also marked the first appearance for three panellists – Abbie Chatfield, Chrissie Swan, and Spice Girl Mel B.

All three women proved themselves to be excellent guessers when it came to cluing in on the identities beneath the many masks.

And the returning judge, Dave Hughes, kept us entertained with his wild guesses, from the likes of David Hasselhoff to Stevie Nicks.

Congratulations to Melody on their excellent performance under the Mirrorball mask!

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