WATCH how charming Noah Centineo is in the trailer for ‘The Perfect Date’

He and Camila Mendes make the HOTTEST couple.
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It’s finally here!!!

Noah Centineo and Camila Mendes’ rom-com of the CENTURY, The Perfect Date, has released its first trailer!

In it, we see Noah’s charismatic character Brooks’ dream big: the most popular girl at school (Camila’s character Shelby), the most expensive car, and the most prestigious college. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the means necessary to achieve these goals working in at a hot dog joint.

That is until he overhears another student complaining that he is being paid to take his cousin to prom.

Brooks’ jumps at the opportunity to make some extra cash, taking Laura Marano’scharacter Celia to prom.

That’s where he gets his genius idea: become the perfect date and turn it into an app.

Camila Mendes’ character Shelby eventually uses the app, creating the love-triangle we deserve.

It’s got everything we need for the perfect teenage drama. We cannot wait for April 12!!

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