Hannah & Darren are bringing the heat on The Real Love Boat

Ahoy mateys! There’s a new reality dating show coming to our screens
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Described by host Darren McMullen as part Love Island, part Below Deck, dating show The Real Love Boat sounds a little like Titanic for those looking for lasting romance. 

Watch Below: First look at The Real Love Boat

But with McMullen and former Below Deck First Steward Hannah Ferrier steering the ship, we are predicting smooth sailing for the 21 hopefuls cruising the Mediterranean.

“We only wanted genuine folk,” McMullen tells WHO. “I think producers did really well casting different people. They’re not your quintessential reality people that all look the same and spend 24 hours a day in the gym. There’s a great cross-section of Aussies.” 

Ferrier agrees. “They were all gorgeous. Single parents, some younger, some older – it was a really nice range of characters.” 

And with that comes plenty of drama, love triangles and, of course, perfect matches. Here, our favourite Scot and sailor spill on the new series, “warts and all”…

The Real Love Boat
“I think every partnership we ever have is there to teach us a lesson.” (Credit: Ten)

You guys are playing Cupid on the show. How easy was it dishing advice? 

HF: When you’ve done a lot of dating and had a few boyfriends, seeing some of them make the same mistakes that you’ve made in your past can be hard. I always say that sometimes the person that you meet when there’s sparks of electricity at the start might not be the long-term person for you.

DM: Hannah wears her heart on her sleeve and you always know what you’re gonna get. If you cross her, beware! We show everything, warts and all. We don’t keep it glitzy and glamorous. We show the mistakes and the cheesiness of it. I’ve had beautiful long-term relationships and disastrous relationships in my life. I think every partnership we ever have is there to teach us a lesson. Hopefully I had some wise words of wisdom to impart.

The Real House Boat
“The place I get my real happiness is watching my daughter run around.” (Credit: Ten)

What’s the best date you’ve been on? 

DM: It’s a good question. I’m quite simple. I honestly adore going to Gold Class at the cinema and getting a massive tub of popcorn, and mixing it with a Chardonnay. I find a buttery Chardonnay brings out the butter in the popcorn. I like watching a great movie and snuggling up on one couch instead of two. That’s my ideal date.

HF: Now, my perfect date is fish and chips on a beach with my husband and daughter. I like going to boujee restaurants now and then, but the place I get my real happiness is watching my daughter run around while I have a nice glass of Sancerre. 

Have you two ever considered going on a dating show to find love? 

HF: No. I’m so annoyingly picky that I would definitely come across as being a villain. I know my type and I know what I want, I’m not 100 per cent sure I would find my partner on a reality dating show. There’s a lot of people that can though.

DM: I don’t think so. I’m old fashioned that way. The best relationships I’ve had in my life have been with people I’ve met organically – and the best relationship I’ve ever had in my life was with my best friend of 15 years. That being said, if they need a new Bachelor…

The Real Love Boat premieres Wed., 7.30pm on Network 10

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