Abandon Ship! All the contestants who have left The Real Love Boat 2022

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The first episode of The Real Love Boat sure made a splash this week. 

Watch Below: First look at The Real Love Boat

Part Love Island, part Below Deck, The Real Love Boat follows 21 hopefuls cruising the Mediterranean. 

Like Bachelor in Paradise, in each episode, the boys and girls will take turns choosing another contestant to date. But unlike Bachelor in Paradise, the dates will be incredible!

The Real Love Boat website promises, “[The cast] will visit gorgeous islands as they travel across the Mediterranean and go on romantic dates, unlike anything they’ve experienced before. It’s dating, but on steroids”

The Real Love Boat
Bye Ben! (Credit: Ten)


And the first episode did not disappoint, with drama, tears and a hefty amount of sunburn drawing audiences’ attention from the get-go. 

But, for one unlucky man, the chance at finding love was cut short, after a quick elimination in the first episode – before even stepping foot on the boat. 

As the cast was introduced – six single women and seven single men, it was clear one unlucky guy would be sent packing

And, after a quick round of speed dating the women chose their pick – leaving Benjamin to head home. 

The Real Love Boat
(Credit: Channel 10)


Week 2 started off with a bang after a fan favourite was sent on Wednesday night.

Sari was the second to be eliminated from this season of The Real Love Boat and fans were not impressed. 

Many took to social media to share their disappointment over the elimination, explaining that Sari was their favourite. 

“She was the only reason I watched this show” commented one heartbroken fan, whilst another shared how disappointed they would be not getting to watch the “funny” contestant in following episodes. 

The real love boat
Josh is gone! (Credit: Channel Ten)


It’s hard enough saying goodbye to one…let alone two contestants in the same episode! Both Josh and Chris were eliminated in the third week. 

The real love boat
Chris has also been eliminated. (Credit: Channel Ten)


You’ll be missed boys! 

Dalton chose to leave! (Credit: Channel Ten)


Dalton made the surprising revelation that he would not be picking Chelsea – or anyone for that matter. Instead, choosing to leave the ship that night.

The Real Love Boat
All Aboard! (Credit: Ten)

Alongside the group of hopeful singles, The Real Love Boat’s cast also includes host Darren McMullen, cruise director Hannah Ferrier, entertainment manager Daniel Doody and captain Paulo. 

Following the debut episode, we are predicting smooth sailing for the 21 hopefuls cruising the Mediterranean. 

“We only wanted genuine folk,” McMullen explained to WHO. “I think producers did really well casting different people. They’re not your quintessential reality people that all look the same and spend 24 hours a day in the gym. There’s a great cross-section of Aussies.”

The Real Love Boat sets sail on Wednesdays & Thursdays at 7:30 pm on 10 and 10 Play. 

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