We finally have our first look at The Umbrella Academy season three

Our favourite fictitious family is back.
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A Euphoria star, the return of a once thought lost sibling, and a whole new group of young heroes; season three of The Umbrella Academy is already looking spectacular.

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As we eagerly wait for the series to make its official return to Netflix this June – on the 22nd to be exact – we have a tiny taste of what’s to come to keep us going.

Netflix has shared a slew of new photo stills from the upcoming season ahead of its release, giving us a good idea of what the new status quo looks like.

Whilst there are a few new faces to the cast this year, our six favourite siblings are also returning after that explosive season two finale.

the umbrella academy season three
The Hargreeves are back, but things aren’t exactly how they left them. (Credit: Netflix)

When we last saw Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Number Five, and Viktor, formerly Vanya, Hargreeves, they were saving the world from yet another apocalypse – just your usual family affair.

According to the official logline, we can expect the six heroes of the Umbrella Academy to face something they haven’t seen before – a whole new reality.

“After putting a stop to 1963’s doomsday, the Umbrella Academy return home to the present, convinced they prevented the initial apocalypse and fixed this godforsaken timeline once and for all,” it reads.

“But after a brief moment of celebration, they realize things aren’t exactly (okay, not at all) how they left them. Enter the Sparrow Academy.”

the umbrella academy season three
Ben is amongst the living this season. (Credit: Netflix)

The synopsis goes on to explain what we can expect from this new group, which consists of the Hargreeves’ formerly dead brother Ben, as well as new characters Marcus, Sloane, Jayme, Alphonso, and Fei.

“Smart, stylish, and about as warm as a sea of icebergs, the Sparrows immediately clash with the Umbrellas in a violent face-off that turns out to be the least of everyone’s concerns,” it said.

“Navigating challenges, losses, and surprises of their own — and dealing with an unidentified destructive entity wreaking havoc in the Universe (something they may have caused) — now all they need to do is convince Dad’s new and possibly better family to help them put right what their arrival made wrong.

“Will they find a way back to their pre-apocalyptic lives? Or is this new world about to reveal more than just a hiccup in the timeline?”

the umbrella academy season three
Euphoria’s Javon will star in season three. (Credit: Netflix)

In the photos, we’re able to see what this looks like for our favourite fictitious family, as they’re joined by season two favourite Lila and Sir Reginald Hargreeves.

The new cast members of season three were also revealed, featuring actors Justin Cornwell, Britne Oldford, Jake Epstein, Genesis Rodriguez, Cazzie David, and Javon Walton, who you might recognise from his stint on Euphoria as Ashtray.

With such an exciting and star-studded cast, plus a very dramatic storyline by the sound of it, this season is already looking be to crazier than ever.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 premieres June 22 on Netflix.

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