The Voice Boy George slams Kelly Rowland

He doesn’t hold back
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It isn’t unusual for the judges to argue over the singers on The Voice, and tonight’s episode didn’t disappoint as Boy George took a swipe at Kelly Rowland.

Tonight Madi Krstevski, 18, who went home in the battles last year, returned to the show as an All-Star and it brought up a sore spot for the judges.

Last year Madi competed against Sam Perry – who ultimately wont the competition – in the knockouts and it caused Kelly and Boy George to get into a brawl about whether Sam should be in the competition.

And, it was a case of déjà vu tonight when Kelly and Boy George both turned their chairs for Madi.

“I remember you,” said Boy George recognising Madi.

The Voice
Madi is returning as an All-Star. (Credit: Nine)

“You were on Kelly’s team, then you were on Joe [Jonas’] team cause Kelly chose Sam over you… she let you go for Sam who was kind of a DJ.”

The comment didn’t go down well with Kelly who quickly defended her move.

“Let’s rewind here Boy George and make it very clear I took Sam all the way,” she said.

However, Boy George hit back at his fellow judge. “But I think he would have won with any coach,” he said.

The Voice
(Credit: Nine)

“That’s a lie,” quipped Kelly. “No he won with me for a reason.”

“Ok, you want to make out you have magical powers,” rebutted Boy George.

Both Kelly and Boy George begged Madi to join their team but ultimately picked Boy George.

But, will she go further in the competition this time?  

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