The Voice Kelly Rowland’s heartbreak

The singer opens up about her mother’s death

In tonight’s episode of The Voice, one contestants touching story about losing her mother inspired judge Kelly Rowland to open up about the tragic loss of her mum.

15-yearold, Jessie Eilers, dedicated her performance of Angel by Sarah McLachlan in the Blind Auditions to her mother who passed away in 2016.

“There was a blood clot in her leg that went to her heart and stopped oxygen in her brain,” she revealed.

“She died very suddenly, and no one was expecting it.”

The Voice
Jessie broke down after her performance. (Credit: Nine)

After a moving performance, Rowland, Guy Sebastian and Boy George all turned their chairs for Jessie.

When she revealed that she sang the song for her mother, Rowland was visibly moved.

“I too lost my mum in 2014 so I completely understand,” said Kelly.

The singer’s mother, Doris, passed away suddenly three weeks after the birth of her son, Titan back in 2014.

The Voice
Kelly was moved listening to Jessie. (Credit: Nine)

But Rowland admitted that Jessie has inspired her to dedicate and sing a song for her mother.

“I have not sang a song for her,” she said.

“It’s the hardest song I’m having to write, so the fact I just watched you get through that, you gave me courage to write that song.”

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