Gia Gunn bombshell: ‘Trinity colluded with me on Drag Race’

The Drag Race villain makes some inflammatory allegations about Trinity and Farrah Moan
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Controversial performer Gia Gunn has added an extra layer of drama to her memorable exit from RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4 this week, alleging that one of her most fiery on-screen moments was staged with the supposed collusion of Trinity ‘The Tuck’ Taylor.

Speaking to drag stars Alaska and Willem on their popular Race Chaser podcast, Gia claimed that her clash with Trinity over who would play Caitlyn Jenner in the Snatch Game segment was pre-planned. Despite a convincingly tense moment in which Gia viciously slated Trinity for her ‘f***ed up nose’, before calling her ‘an old white b*tch with plenty of plastic surgery’, the shady character insists it was all just a contrivance.

Trinity cops a serve before Snatch Game (Credit: Drag Race / VH1)

‘There’s a moment where me and Trinity go at it, which was totally planned,’ Gia told Race Chaser. ‘It was, “OK girl, obviously you’re going to do Caitlyn and I’m going to do who I’m going to do, but let’s just play it up because this is television.”’

Trinity has yet to respond to the claims.

Gia displays her badge of dishonour (Credit: Drag Race / VH1)

While Gia stopped short of saying who she was really planning to portray in Snatch Game, she ended up doing Cardi B’s nail guru Jenny Bui – with disastrous results.

Perhaps adding some credence to her claims that she never planned to do Caitlyn, Gia’s costume for the challenge included a seemingly pre-prepared plastic badge in Jenny’s name – a prop that many fans suspect shouldn’t have been possible given her alleged late change in plans.

Always the bomb-thrower, Gia says that Trinity’s supposed complicity in their TV fight stood in contrast to her bitter rival Farrah Moan’s reaction when Gia blatantly tried to pick a fight for the sake of air time.

‘Me of course being the content creator and a good TV personality, I was very clear as to what the show wanted,’ Gia told Race Chaser. ‘And I also wasn’t there because I was a fierce drag queen, I knew I was there because of my personality and my charisma, my cattiness, my shadiness, my character, my TV personality, as I do think Drag Race is more about personality and drama than it is about actual drag now days.’

Gorgeous Farrah got kicked off (Credit: Drag Race / VH1)

Gia says she regrets making up with Farrah off camera before their drama, as she feels it threw her rival off when she attacked her ahead of the girl group challenge. Instead of playing up their feud, Farrah resisted and reacted firmly, telling Gia to stop trying to create a fake stir for air time.

‘I caught her off guard by coming at her fiercely, and not saying, “Hey girl, I know we kind of made up, but let’s play up the situation, not only because this is going to make great TV, but this is also what story producers and the show is calling for,”‘ Gia told the podcast. 

(Producers World of Wonder have yet to publicly comment on Gia’s outrageous claims. The performer has already caused a drama this week by alleging that a confrontation between RuPaul and her herself was filmed, but edited out.)

Added Gia on the podcast of her awkward clash with rival Farrah: ‘I guess maybe her being newer to creating TV, she just didn’t really catch on, and she was really dumbfounded when I was stirring the pot.’

But Farrah, who was eliminated after the distracting incident, isn’t ready to laugh it off as a bit of light entertainment. She feels the incident helped ruin her focus and played into her ousting.

‘It’s unfortunate that Gia feels that she feels as though she has to create a dramatic TV storyline to get airtime, because I look at Gia as such a talented queen with so much to show the world and such a good message for queer people and trans people alike and specifically trans people who do drag,’ Farrah told Out.

‘It sucks that I had to be the sacrificial lamb in her storyline but if that’s what she had to do, that’s what she had to do.’

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