Proof Nick Cummins could still be single

We investigate.
Network 10

So we all know that Nick Cummins signed on for The Bachelor Australia to find the woman of his dreams, fall madly in love and live happily ever after. 

And with 25 gorgeous, single ladies to choose from, you’d think the Honey Badger would have easily find his future wifey. Right? Maybe not.

Going by his Instagram activity and a few things the rugby union star has said in recent interviews, some are wondering whether Nick has ended up single.

Since this season premiered, the 30-year-old has not once shared an Instagram post about being and starring in The Bachelor. Is it because he didn’t find love?

In a recent interview with Men’s Health Australia, Nick was asked by the journalist which girl he should put money on in the work tipping competition. Nick’s response? “Mate I wouldn’t put my money on 99 per cent of those girls.” 

Then when he was asked to name a woman he would write down in his ‘dream diary’ (like Cass did with Nick), he said that it “wouldn’t be one of the ones on the show that’s for sure”. Awkward!

Then there’s the interview on KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O Show, where he was asked whether he was back with his ex girlfriend Martine Thomassen, who lives in Norway.

“That’s a beauty,” he said. “Well I’d have to fly to Norway, which that would be a whole different kettle of fish, how am I going to do my work there?” Well, that wasn’t a flat out ‘no’.

Speaking on The Project just before the first episode aired, Nick spoke about his experience and love life in the past tense.

When asked if he would shave off his moustache, Honey Badger used ‘was’ to describe his girlfriend.

“We are talking about love here, right. So, if it was love, that woman, my woman, would never ask such a thing of me.”

So we could just be looking into this way too much, and Nick just wants to keep the end result of the show as private as possible. We hope so, anyway!

The Bachelor airs Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30pm on Network 10.

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