The Block: Hayden threatened to divorce Sara

"He’s not rich enough for me to take him for everything."
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The Block newlyweds Hayden and Sara have already had their fair share of drama just one week into the new series, but there was more going on behind-the-scenes that wasn’t shown on camera.

Sara, 33, revealed that her construction project manager Hayden, 45, threatened to end their marriage whilst filming the show.

“Hayden threatened to divorce me several times throughout the series,” the former flight attendant told New Idea. “But I won’t give him the satisfaction. He’s not rich enough for me to take him for everything.”

The mum-of-one admits that their differing opinion on Sara’s renovation experience caused the bickering.

“Hayden is always telling me I know nothing about building and I think I do, so we fight about that,” she explained.

“Hayden became my punching bag, I took things out on him,” she said.

The pair previously opened up to WHO about their relationship, and how they fell in love.

“It wasn’t like, ‘Oh, I’m madly in love with him.’ It just grew, and when you fall in love with your best friend it’s a lot different to falling in love in an infatuation situation,” Sara said.

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