How your favourite stars celebrated Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air!
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Whatever February 14th means to you, there’s no denying that a little more loving can do the world no harm right about now.

WATCH BELOW: G-Flip says she was “wooed” by a surprise Valentine. 

As boarders open and shut, lockdowns come and go and the ever evolving situation with the dreaded C word wreaks havoc on our every day life, something as basic as love can often be the remedy for our hurting souls.

And yesterday, some of our favourite celebrities were embracing Valentine’s Day with open arms.

From Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban looking like love-struck teenagers to Grant and Chezzi Denyer’s priceless Valentine’s Day gift – getting to take their newborn baby girl home from the hospital, we can’t get enough of the vast and varied ways the A-list set rung in the romantic day.

“Got my 2 dates sorted for #valentines day 💕Taking little Sunday Denyer from hospital to her new family home for the first time is way better than my usual teddy bear or wilted rose from the servo at 6:59 pm 🥀Today is a bullseye from Cupid’s arrow if you ask me, and she’s struck me right in the heart for life ,” an emotional Grant, who welcomed his third daughter with wife Chezzi last week, admitted.

Have a scroll through our favourite celebrity Valentine tributes. 

Karl and his daughter, Harper. (Credit: Instagram)

Jasmine Stefanovic

Jasmine Stefanovic shared this heart-melting new snap of her “loves” – daughter Harper and husband Karl Stefanovic.

“Rose between the thorns.” (Credit: Instagram)

James Stewart 

“Rose between the thorns🌹 #myfunnyvalentine #luckyman,” Home And Away star James Stewart mused next to this date-night snap with wife Sarah Roberts and daughter Scout.

Wippa and Lisa Wipfli’s matching outfits are outstanding. (Credit: Instagram)

Wippa and wife Lisa Wipfli 

What’s Valentine’s Day without a shameless photoshoot? Radio star Wippa and his wife Lisa Wipfli went all out with their matching leopard print get-up and we’re here for it.

“My Valentine!” (Credit: Instagram)

Cameron Daddo 

“My Valentine! #32 and another turn around the sun! ❤️❤️❤️ getting smarter, have a picture IN FRONT of flowers. 😊🤣,” actor Cameron Daddo beamed alongside his wife Ali Daddo.

Ali Daddo and Cameron Daddo. (Credit: Instagram)

Ali Daddo 

Not to be outdone, Ali was quick to share her own heartfelt tribute to her man.

“Something about this photo speaks to the years we have spent and the love that’s endured. There is so much comfort and safety in your arms. Thankyou for being my one and only. Love you so,” she said.

Hamish Blake’s message to wife Zoe had us in stitches. (Credit: Instagram)

Hamish Blake

You can always count on Hamish Blake to take the piss on a romantic holiday.

“Hi honey, it’s me, yeh just cheking, we um, we don’t DO Valentines Day do we? Too comerrcial yeah? BecUse we just love each ither maximum all day every day right? Like I COUD get something to you of course bur just checking we@ don’t do that shit (unless we do). Ok I love uou the MAXIMUM home soon xxxx 😘😘,” he joked.

“My forever Valentine.” (Credit: Instagram)

Nicole Kidman 

Forever looking like love-struck teenagers, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban sure know how to embrace the romantic side of things.

“My Forever Valentine,” Nic penned next to this sweet snap of her kissing her husband.

“Today is a bullseye from Cupid’s arrow if you ask me.” (Credit: Instagram)

Grant and Chezzi Denyer

Grant and Chezzi Denyer celebrated with the best Valentine’s Day gift of all – getting to take their third daughter Sunday home from the hospital.

“Got my 2 dates sorted for #valentines day 💕Taking little Sunday Denyer from hospital to her new family home for the first time is way better than my usual teddy bear or wilted rose from the servo at 6:59 pm 🥀Today is a bullseye from Cupid’s arrow if you ask me, and she’s struck me right in the heart for life 💘Don’t worry service stations of Australia, i’ll be back again next year 😂 but might just bask in this glorious little milestone for a while 😍,” Grant joked.

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky. (Credit: Instagram)

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky 

Blue-eyed lovers Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky shared this loved-up selfie to mark the occasion.

Matty J and Laura Byrne throwback. (Credit: Instagram)

Matty J and Laura Byrne

We love a Bachie throwback! Thank you Laura Byrne for gifting us with this one from the 2017 Bachelor finale in Thailand.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to the man who fertilised my eggs and brings me coffee in bed everyday @matthewdavidjohnson. How lucky I am to do life with you by my side. I LOVE YOU,” the mother-of-two gushed of her fiance.

“#forevervalentine.” (Credit: Instagram)

Asher Keddie

“Best husband, best Dad, best friend #forevervalentine,” actress Asher Keddie penned alongside this selfie with her artist husband Vincent Fantauzzo.

“My world is you.” (Credit: Instagram)

Michelle Bridges

Michelle Bridges posted a heartfelt message for her son. She wrote, “True love. In all shapes and forms. I am here for you, all the time, for everything. I will listen to you. I will always love you. My world is you. And it’s a privilege.”

A mum’s love is always the best. 

“Happy V-day to my fellow single Galentines and Palentines!” (Credit: Instagram)

Angie Kent 

Former Bachelorette Angie chose to send a message to her single fans and in true Angie fashion referenced the hit rom-com, Love Actually

She wrote: “Pencil out Colin and God ❌ and replace with Angie and Goddess. Pencil out continent ❌ and replace with planet 🌍 🙋🏼‍♀️ Happy V-day to my fellow single Galentines and Palentines! You’re not alone. You just haven’t found someone who deserves all-o-dis yet. Plus, whoever said being single is a bad thing? I’ve swapped roses for sunflowers and anxiety attacks for netflix and snacks 🌻 🌮pretty sweet deal I reckon! LOVE YOURSELF SICK EVERY DAMN DAY! Single or not ✌🏼.” 

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