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Black Mirror vibes!
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We’re loving a bit of a thriller these days, with shows like The Staircase and Stranger Things keeping us in their grips, despite their differing genres.

This time, we’re throwing ourselves into the ever-alluring, ever-dangerous world of social media with the new thriller Chloe.

Reminiscent of Black Mirror, the series is set to explore the ‘expectations versus reality’ qualm constantly presented to those of us who are addicted to our phones, with the edgy story of a woman who dies suddenly, and another who was obsessed with her up until her death.

Scroll on for all you need to know about Chloe.

Erin Doherty stars as Becky. (Credit: Prime Video) (Credit: Prime Video)

What is Chloe about?

Chloe follows Becky Green, portrayed by Erin Doherty, who becomes obsessed with following the social media feed of her childhood friend, Chloe Fairbourne.

Chloe lives a stunning life, that has clearly been curated to reflect perfection, and her charmed life is such a stark contrast to Becky’s that she can’t help indulging her obsession with voyeuristically consuming Chloe’s life.

However, Chloe’s sudden death pushes Becky over the edge – she creates a new identity as someone who is popular and well-connected, infiltrating Chloe’s friendship circle to find out what really happened to the girl she was so obsessed with.

Pretenses are dangerous though, and as Becky’s new persona becomes a full-on con, she begins to walk a very dangerous path between the real world and the one we see on social media.

The show will show us the darker side of social media obsession. (Credit: Prime Video) (Credit: Prime Video)

Who stars in Chloe?

Erin Doherty stars as Becky in her first real breakout role, however royal fans might recognise her as the young Princess Anne from seasons three and four of The Crown.

She’s joined by Poppy Gilbert, who stars as the eponymous Chloe Fairbourne. Chloe is also a breakout star, but has also acted in a Netflix series called Stay Close, in the role of Barbie.

The women are joined by Billy Howle, who stars as Chloe’s husband, Elliot. Howle is recognisable from his role in Under the Banner of Heaven, which is a recent miniseries from Hulu, currently airing in Australia on Disney Plus.

Poppy Gilbert and Billy Howle will join Erin in the show. (Credit: Prime Video) (Credit: Prime Video)

Where can I watch Chloe?

Chloe will be dropping on June 24 in Australia, and will be available to stream on Prime Video.

Stream it on June 24 on Amazon Prime, live and on demand with a 30-day FREE trial. START FREE TRIAL.


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