Where to watch Harry Styles’ period drama My Policeman

The singer continues to show off his acting range.
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We’ve finally been given a taste of Harry Styles’ film, My Policeman, and we’re already ready to see more.

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Based on the 2012 romance novel of the same name, the film is a period drama that follows three friends as they navigate life, love, and sexuality in the 1950s.

It’s a big year for Harry, who recently released a new album, and also stars in the psychological thriller Don’t Worry Darling, which was released weeks prior to My Policeman.

As we’re getting more familiar with Harry’s range as an actor, we only want to know more about what we can expect to see from him.

Here’s everything we know about My Policeman.

Harry Styles as Tom and Emma Corrin as Marion. (Credit: Prime Video)

What is My Policeman about?

My Policeman follows the story of Tom Burgess, a young policeman living in Brighton in 1957. Although he is gay, and falls in love with a museum curator called Patrick Hazelwood, the third main character, Marion, falls in love with Tom.

Due to Tom’s inability to live authentically within his sexuality, he ends up marrying Marion despite his love for Patrick, with a secret agreement being made that Tom will love them both.

However, they only land themselves in a messy love triangle.

The events of the film, though, begin years later in the 1990s, when Patrick arrives at the house Marion and Tom share, beginning an exploration of the events from 40 years earlier.

The novel received great critical reception, and was considered to be a ‘period novel’ given the accuracy with which the 1950s were depicted. If you want to familiarise yourself with the story before you watch the film, you can pick up a copy here.

David Dawson rounds out the main cast. (Credit: Prime Video)

Who stars in My Policeman?

Harry Styles will portray Tom, with actors David Dawson and Emma Corrin taking on the roles of Patrick and Marion respectively.

Although Harry is best known for his music career, he has shown off his acting skills in Dunkirk and Eternals. Emma Corrin is best known for their work in The Crown, where they starred as a younger Princess Diana, while David Dawson is best known for his work in Peaky Blinders and The Last Kingdom.

Older versions of the characters will be played by Gina McKee, Rupert Everett and Linus Roache.

The film will drop on November 4. (Credit: Prime Video)

Where can I watch My Policeman?

An Amazon Studios film, My Policeman will drop on Prime Video on November 4, 2022.

Stream it on Amazon Prime, live and on demand with a 30-day FREE trial. START FREE TRIAL.


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