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Dark dramedy The Flight Attendant will be returning for season two imminently, arriving on screens in late April.

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The return of the HBO series, which first aired in 2020, has been hotly anticipated by many fans, who can now expect to see the first two episodes on April 21.

The third and fourth episodes are slated for release a week later, on April 28, with the final four episodes being released weekly from then.

Season two will continue to follow Cassie Bowden, played by Kaley Cuoco (of The Big Bang Theory fame), a first-class flight attendant and world-class party girl.

The first season saw Cassie in a heap of trouble when she awakes to find one of her passengers, Alex, dead beside her in bed, with no idea what happened to him.

“Cassie is trying to live a sober life, and also trying to be the fun Cassie.” (Credit: BINGE)

The new episodes will follow a now-sober Cassie as she lives her best life in Los Angeles, while also moonlighting as a CIA asset in her spare time.

However, there are more murders to be encountered, and Cassie will find herself entangled again in an international-scale problem.

“Cassie is trying to live a sober life, and also trying to be the fun Cassie,” Kaley said of what comes next for her beloved main character.

“She thinks she’s not enjoyable when she’s not drunk. She thinks that’s who she is.

“So, to take that away from her; to try and live a normal existence, she’s going to learn really fast that it’s not going to work for her.”

Kaley as Cassie in season one. (Credit: BINGE)

“She also looks at life in black and white,” Kaley explained.

“She thinks she’s sober now, and so here comes her perfect life, and it is not going to turn out that way for her at all. There’s so much temptation around; she moves to LA, to Santa Monica and has a sober boyfriend.”

“It’s really important for the show to be able to kind of literally get inside Cassie’s head to kind of unpack some of these not-great decisions that she’s making so that you can understand where she’s coming from,” Kaley said of Cassie.

“She’s been an actor’s dream because I feel like I played ten characters in one,” she told Variety.

You’ll be able to watch season two of The Flight Attendant on BINGE, where it will drop the same day as the US.

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