Bec Judd’s transformation has nothing to do with plastic surgery

But the stunning star has plenty of tricks up her sleeve.
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Rebecca Judd – or as we all know her, Bec – has been an Australian beauty icon for decades now and it’s easy to see why.

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With her stunning good looks and fashion-forward signature style, Bec has been on the top of the local style charts since the early 2000s and has adapted her wardrobe to suit the times.

But fans have noticed that Bec’s had a bit of a beauty makeover in the last 10 years too.

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Comparing photos of the mum-of-four today with shots from her first Brownlow Medal appearance with Chris Judd in 2004, there’s no denying her look has evolved.

Bec Judd attends the Brownlow Medal with husband Chris Judd in 2004.

For years rumours have swirled that the star may have undergone some cosmetic work to hold onto her youthful good looks, but it there any truth to the speculation?

Absolutely not, claims Bec! 

“Every year after the Brownlow I get, ‘You’ve had something done’, or that I’m anorexic,” she previously told News Corp.

“It’s funny. I think my boobs look bigger in 2004 than they are now. I’ve got the tiniest nose, why would I have a nose job? I’d have to get a nose job to make it bigger.”

Bec maintains she’s never had plastic surgery. (Credit: Getty)

“I have put a lot of time, effort and cash into [my skin] so it’s nice for people to notice the improvement,” she wrote on her website in 2013.

“I get lots of little lumps and bumps here and there if I don’t stay on top of things and I have shocking eye bags sometimes.”

She credits her healthy lifestyle and skincare treatments like laser and facials with keeping her glowing, as well as plenty of help from professional hair and makeup artists for her big outings.

Bec grew up a lot between 2008 and 2015, when these red carpet photos were taken. (Credit: Getty)

So, would Bec Judd ever go under the knife?

She joked in 2020 that she’d happily go to Cher’s plastic surgeon one day, telling The 3pm Pickup: “Let’s find out who did her, and they can do me when I’m 50!”

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For now, she’s keeping things all-natural and using clever beauty hacks to keep herself looking youthful, like using tight ponytails and braids to give her a surgery-free facelift.

Bec looked phenomenal in a high pony for the NGV Gala in 2019. (Credit: Getty)

“What [hair and makeup artist Chantelle Baker] has done is tiny little braids, really tight, pulled back and pinned on each side and tied at the back. The braids pull my eyes back and give that ‘fox eye’ effect,” she revealed on Instagram in 2020.

“To get that effect, people have been shaving off the ends of their eyebrows … getting their eyes threaded and brow lifts. But [the braid method] doesn’t involve any surgery or shaving off your eyebrows.”

We’ll certainly be jotting that tip down!

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As for her figure, Bec has always been slim but credits cardio tennis and Pilates as the secret to her insanely toned physique.

“It’s a cardio workout where the music blares, the coach just feeds you balls, you do awesome drills with lots of running and it’s 60 minutes that goes so quickly,” she told

The fit mum also confessed that “good genes” she shares with her mum and sister play a major role, as does maintaining a balanced diet.

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