Tame Your Mane: Dealing with frizzy hair

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If you have natural curls or highlights, chances are you deal with frizz and flyaways on a regular basis, especially when the humidity rises.

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The key is to keep strands hydrated so the hair shaft doesn’t open and give you that fuzz.

Hollywood hairstylist and Hask ambassador Jessica Elbaum explains how a new hair routine might help and shares her tips and tricks for smooth strands.

Curly-haired queen, Debra Messing. (Credit: Instagram)

How important is your wash routine?

“Healthy hair starts at the scalp – you want to keep it stimulated as much as possible,” says Jessica.

“If you get into a regular haircare routine, you will see a massive improvement in hair quality.”

Using the correct product for your hair type is essential, and find something that will moisturise, strengthen and repair dryness.

Hask Shea Butter & Hibiscus Oil Anti-Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner (Credit: Hask)

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What causes frizz?

“Frizz and flyaway can often be caused by weather conditions such as humidity or even desert-dry climates,” says Jessica.

“It can also be from having curly or damaged hair.”

 So, if you have over-processed hair like blondes can sometimes experience, you’ll be prone to the fuzz.

If your natural curls have a mind of their own, try Debra Messing’s tip of constantly soaking hair with hydrating sprays to keep them manageable.

(Credit: Instagram)

Is there a long-term solution?

Look for a mask with shea butter as it’s deeply nourishing and can help with the overall moisture level of your hair, helping to smooth strands.

“Even those with the finest hair textures should include a weekly deep conditioner to their routine,” says Jessica.

“I recommend leaving one in for 20 minutes or for an extra boost, sleep in it and wash it out in the morning.”

Can brushing cause Frizz?

“Yes, it can. You don’t want to brush curly hair unless it’s wet – straight out of the shower,” says Jessica.

“Brushing dry, curly hair can just cause more frizz. Instead, I prefer a large-tooth comb, which gets the tangles out easily.”

(Credit: Caw)

Caw Jade Green Crystal Hair Comb, $50, from Caw Life

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(Credit: Instagram)

What if we need heat?

“It’s best to try not to overheat, style or colour your hair too often as these all contribute to frizz,” advises Jessica.

“Use a conditioning mask once a week to help repair your split ends and apply a leave-in protectant to help when you do heat style. I like to use a curling iron small enough to match the curl pattern and smooth it out. Finish off with a hair oil to lock in shine.”

Tip: Try letting your hair air-dry a least a couple of times a week. Once dry, apply a hair oil or define waves with a shaping jelly.

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