This skincare-infused foundation cut my morning routine in half

Because every minute counts, especially in the morning.
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When it comes to makeup and beauty, a lot has changed over the years. But the beauty trend I’ve been obsessed with most this year is the ‘skinification’ of makeup. 

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I hate to admit it, but I’ve always been a *bit* lazy when it comes to skincare, but this year I decided to set proper skincare goals for myself. One of those goals was to find skincare-infused makeup products that worked – whether that be serum foundations or foundations with SPF, I wanted to find an all-rounder makeup product that would help me save time in the morning while still doing the hard work for my skin, all day.

So, when I heard whispers of Eye Of Horus’ new skincare-infused foundation that claimed to look like ‘second-skin’, I was curious. A few questions came to mind – what is skincare-infused makeup? What are the active skincare ingredients in it? Does it *actually* look like ‘second-skin’? 

Determined to answer all of the above and more, I put the Second Skin foundation by Eye Of Horus to the test.


Second Skin Foundation in warm/medium, $85, Eye Of Horus

Eye Of Horus Second Skin Foundation review

Though Eye Of Horus is known for its Goddess Mascara that lengthens, curls and volumises your lashes, they are no stranger to skincare-infused makeup – with their Skin Tint Serum Foundation also being highly rated by beauty enthusiasts. 

With that in mind, my hopes are high with their new Second Skin foundation. 

Before (left) & After (right)

Shade range 

Right off the bat, there are only four shades to choose from. With their limited shade range, I opted for the warm/medium shade. Luckily for me, as it isn’t a full-coverage foundation, I could get by with its limited shade range. Its lightweight nature meant it was easy enough to blend into the skin. However, I’m hopeful that the brand will expand its shades in the future to cater to a larger variety of skin tones. 


Given its name, it’s safe to say that if you’re looking for a full-coverage foundation, this isn’t for you. This soft-focus liquid foundation is creamy but not too heavy, which I love. To use, you simply shake the bottle to activate the oil infusions and apply it to the skin using a brush or a beauty sponge. 

As mentioned, the initial coverage is light, however, it is buildable. So, depending on how much coverage you’re after – two layers would work well for a nighttime glam look, or stick to a thin layer for everyday use. Its buildable nature is definitely a win for me. 

Skincare benefits

Now, to get into the nitty-gritty. The Second Skin foundation is enriched with a phyto-complex of botanicals, amino acids and sacred ingredients – but what does this all mean?

A mixture of skin-loving ingredients such as Moringa, Abyssinian, Witch Hazel, Ectoin and Vitamin E work to reduce the appearance of fine lines, brighten complexion as well as provide long-lasting hydration – all of which are key focus areas for most. And, for those who need hydration-rich products in winter, like me, knowing that the Second Skin foundation is equipped to keep moisture in is a plus. 

One of the first things you’ll learn about when embarking on your skincare journey is the importance of sun protection. Not only does SPF lower the risk of skin cancer, but it’s also one of the best ways to prevent signs of ageing while also maintaining an even skin tone. 

So, I was pleased that Second Skin is equipped with SPF25+ protection – bonus.


It applies smoothly to the skin but is not as ‘watery’ or ‘thin’ as other serum foundations. Instead, it leans creamy, which is worth noting preference-wise. 

It’s made with 98 per cent natural ingredients and enriched with 34 per cent biological ingredients. Plus, it’s vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and ethically sourced – a bare minimum for me.


The final verdict

I’m not someone that has a 10-step skincare routine in the morning, however, substituting morning serums with this skincare-infused liquid gold has cut down my morning routine significantly. Although I wouldn’t throw out my morning holy grails *just* yet, I love knowing that I’m not completely neglecting my skin on mornings when I’m in a rush. 

Try the Second Skin foundation for yourself, here

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