How to style your hair using a ghd

Cover every look with just one tool.
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ghd Australia & New Zealand Creative Director, Richard Kavanagh, shares tips to heal and style hair using one tool.


In Australia, the humidity can be a major issue for hair, but Kavanagh’s top tip is to reach for your styler. “It’s a great way to combat heat as it locks down and closes the cuticle layer to repel humidity, helping to de-frizz hair throughout the day.”


To recover dry, dehydrated hair, Kavanagh recommends a decent haircut, an in-salon treatment, and take-home haircare. “Try a daily leave-in treatment and a weekly deep hair nourishing mask.”


“My favourite trick for doing an effortless beach wave is to use a styler to bend the hair into an S shape and tap the styler across the surface,” says Kavanagh, who recommends then holding the hair and bending it back in the opposite direction, and tapping the styler once again. “This helps to keep the hair flat to the head, more compact, so when you brush it out, you get that really light, beachy wave without being too voluminous.

lily aldridge
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