The skincare tool Kim Kardashian swears by launches in Australia

The results speak for themselves.
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When Kim Kardashian joined Gwyneth Paltrow on a recent episode of the wellness guru’s podcast, Gwyneth complimented Kardashian on her ‘flawless’ skin. 

The reality TV star admitted being skincare-obsessed and revealed the tool she’s currently coveting: “I have had the best facialists, the best aesthetician [and have] tried every laser.”

Watch: Hailey Bieber use the LYMA laser during a facial

The laser that’s at the top of Kardashian’s list, introduced to her by celebrity facialist Joanna Czech, is one that Gwyneth uses, too—along with Hailey Bieber, Naomi Watts, Jennifer Lopez, Cate Blanchett and Meghan Markle

What is this magic tool, you ask? It’s the LYMA laser. 

The lightweight torch-like device is the first medical-grade at-home laser, and uses a combination of blue LED lights that aims to help eliminate bacteria that cause breakouts on the skin’s upper layers.

The light works its magic alongside a single ‘cold’ laser that penetrates the skin’s deeper layers to repair signs of sun damage, pigmentation, and ageing—all at a cellular level.

The before and after speaks for itself. (Credit: LYMA)

The LYMA device is also the first inclusive skincare laser that’s recommended for those with black and brown complexions.

In the past, people with darker skin tones, have had to shy away from laser treatments due to the greater risk of scarring. But, because LYMA’s blue light laser is designed to cause zero cellular damage (it doesn’t destroy skin cells to renew them), it’s safer for all skin tones and types.

If the ground-breaking technology sounds expensive, that’s because it is. 

The laser, which has just launched in Australia, will set you back a cool USD $2,499 (that’s approximately AUD $3,486). But, when you consider how much ongoing laser treatments cost—up to $1,500 for a single session—this single investment could be worth the long-term benefits it leaves you with. 

Check it out, here

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