MAFS’ Connie reveals dramatic face treatment

Under the knife, literally.

Married At First Sight star Connie Crayden is continuing her post-show transformation, sharing her latest facial treatment with fans in a dramatic unfiltered video.

WATCH: MAFS’ Connie shares her dramatic facial treatment

The 27-year-old reality star took to Instagram recently to share the latest step she’s taking in her beauty transformation – dermaplaning.

The video show’s Connie lying on a table as a beautician takes a razor-sharp blade to her face.

The results were impressive. (Credit: Instagram)

Dermaplaning, also known as balding or microplanning, uses an exfoliating blade to skim dead skin cells and “peach fuzz” hair from the face. Practitioners promise an end result of smoother, younger looking skin.

The treatment is considered relatively safe in the hands of a trained beautician – the general public can also buy the blades from and do it at home – but we’re with Connie and would prefer to head to a salon.

The marine biology student shared a vaguely gross clip of the skin and hair being removed before ending her Instagram Story with a before and after photo. Of course, there was also the ubiquitous branding for the salon.

The photo speaks for itself. (Credit: Instagram)

The difference is impressive, and Connie is clearly delighted captioning the photo: “Look at the results and that glow”.

Connie has been changing up her look and recently debuted edgy new tresses that had fans a little stunned.

Requesting “something a bit quirky” from her hairdresser, the final result was an icy blonde fringe with her natural dark brunette colour remaining on the rest of her hair.  

The new hair transformation wowed fans. (Credit: Instagram)

Connie, whose Instagram also says she is a makeup artist, has been showing off an ongoing transformation since May, starting with the big reveal of blonde highlights through the front of her hair before taking the leap and going all-out.

“I want to go a little bit lighter now but I’m easing myself into it – if I’d jumped right into the deep end I would’ve had a freak out,” she said at the time.

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