Martha Kalifatidis reveals why Vitamin C is an essential part of any good skincare routine

"If a bright, luminous and even skin tone is something that you're into then you will most certainly need it..."
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Before she was a reality television icon, Martha Kalifatidis was a make-up artist. And while Married At First Sight Australia may have changed many aspects of her life, Martha’s still a beauty guru through and through.

WATCH: Martha Kalifatidis shares her beauty routine

She’s always trying the latest make-up and skin care products, giving her hefty 650,000 Instagram followers regular reviews on her top picks. Among her affordable favourites, Olay products often pop up, with the star being an ambassador for the brand.

“For a long time I thought of Olay as an affordable pharmacy brand my grandmother uses (and loves)… and I know I’m not alone,” she’s previously said, revealing it’s now one of her favourites.

Currently working with them on the launch of their new Niacinamide + Vitamin C range, we caught up with the former MAFS star to talk all things skincare. 

Why is Vitamin C an important ingredient and why should it be part of everyone’s skincare routine?

Well if a bright, luminous, and even skin tone is something that you’re into then you will most certainly need a Vitamin C product in your skincare routine. I have a love hate relationship with Vitamin C because it is such a difficult and sensitive ingredient. Meaning it is hard to create a product that will work for most skin types. Olay spent 10+ years perfecting their new Vitamin C range so you can be sure it’s amazing. Do I think all skin types would benefit from Vitamin C? In short, yes. It is beneficial for all ages and skin types. It’s like green juice, good for everything and everyone!

martha k
Martha is a skincare fiend, regularly showing off her favourite products to fans. (Credit: Instagram)

What are the products you couldn’t live without?

It has to be the Niacinamide Super Serum and SUNSCREEN!

Can you tell us your top tips for building a skincare routine?

Trial and error. Add slowly, don’t try and overhaul your skincare routine overnight. Also there is no shame in a simple 3 step routine.

What is the most important part of any good routine?

Cleansing and consistency. I think cleansing is so overlooked, double cleanse always and then some. Once you have done this you are set up for success, it also allows anything you apply thereafter to work 10 times harder.

“Don’t try and overhaul your skincare routine overnight.” (Credit: Instagram)

Do you have any advice for someone who is having a “bad skin day” with the likes of redness, acne, or other skin problems and isn’t feeling the best?

There is no bad skin day that can’t be fixed with a good mask, at home treatment, or even a good old soak in the tub with some bath salts. Redness can be combated by using products with sulfur which is super affordable and sold at most chemists. Breakouts are very normal and 99% of the world’s population has suffered from a blemish at some stage, if that doesn’t put it into perspective then have a wine and some chocolate.

When did you start using Olay products?

I started with the Olay Regenerist Whip, it would have been about a year after it launched (around 2019). It was love at first application, which never happens. Then that led to me trying more from the brand. Also I will say my Yiayia has been using Olay since the 60s back then it was called ‘Oil of Ulan’. Her skin is incredible so it was not surprising the products were so good, she still swears by it to this day and has a red jar in her bathroom. I recently gave her the Ultra Rich Moisturiser, she loves it!

How do you use Olay in your routine?

At the moment I’m using a lot of the Olay Luminous Niacinamide Super Serum, literally day and night. I think of it as a valium for my skin. The new Niacinamide + Vitamin C Moisturiser has been getting a lot of action. I find it hard to find a Vitamin C product that agrees with my oily skin type, but this one is a dream, especially under sunscreen and makeup.

olay vitamin c
Martha is a fan of the Regenerist Whip formulas. (Credit: Olay)

You can shop the Olay products mentioned in this article here.

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