MAFS’ Martha spills her surgery-free secret to fuller lips

All killer no filler.
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There is nothing we love more than a simple beauty hack from one of our favourite stars.

Spilling her makeup secrets and the contents of her beauty bag, Married At First Sight’s Martha Kalifatidis has revealed how she gets her “freshly stung” pout, without getting filler.

WATCH: Martha’s surgery-free secret to fuller lips

To celebrate International Lipstick Day the 31-year-old shared a tutorial on faking fuller lips by using makeup.

In the era of the Kardashians, a plump pout is the beauty goal for many women.

So, if you’re not willing to undergo the surgical sting or simply want to enhance your natural beauty, this trick could be perfect for you.

Want a pout like Martha’s? Follow her steps below. (Credit: Instagram)

Martha begins by using the excess foundation on her makeup brush as a base.

“Pressing in your excess foundation will make your lips last longer,” she explains.

Next, she grabs her weapon of choice: lip liner.

“Starting at your cupids bow you’re going to want to flatten out your cupids bow and go just above your natural lip line.”

Lip lining is an art form, and we won’t be told otherwise. (Credit: Instagram)

While Martha recommends you draw above your natural lip line in the centre of your lips, she emphasises the importance of doing the opposite when it comes to the corners of your mouth.

“It’s really important when you’re doing the corners of your lips to stretch your mouth out and smile but also stay on your natural lip line.”

She then advises you go over the corners, top and bottom, to make the colour darker and add depth, helping build the allusion of bigger lips.

Lip goals. (Credit: Instagram)

Using concealer and a flat angle brush Martha then tidies up any stray feathering or marks around her lips to make it “pop”.

For the finishing touch she applies her lip stick before pursing her lips together to blend.

So, there we have it, Martha’s start to finish routine for a plump pout.

Now to invest in more lip liner.

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