How to recreate Zoë Foster Blake’s 60’s-themed wedding hairstyle

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Australia’s golden couple, Hamish Blake and Zoë Foster Blake, recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.

Their 1964-themed bash was a true blast from the past, complete with vintage frocks and photography, Twiggy-style eye makeup, hilarious wigs and, of course, fabulous hairdos.

WATCH: Zoë Foster Blake’s two-step skincare routine. Article continues after video.

As much as we love Hamish’s snazzy bowl cut, we have to hand it to Mrs Foster Blake for absolutely nailing the brief. Paired with an adorable headband veil, it’s safe to say that many of us experienced some serious hair envy.

Major hair and makeup envy! (Credit: Instagram)

Because we couldn’t leave you hanging, we’ve enlisted the help of Kristina Youssef, founder of KYK Hair Care, to explain the entire hair styling process so you too can achieve Zoë’s voluminous bouffant.


Using a smoothing brush to slick back baby hairs and bumps, gather the top half of your hair so it’s sitting high up on the crown of the head.

Snatch Me Smoothing Brush (Credit: KYK Hair)

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Spray a generous mist of hair spray onto the section and, using your smoothing brush, comb back the hair again. This will ensure all your frizz is tamed, while giving the hair a shiny and polished look.

KYK Get Styling! Working Hairspray (Credit: KYK Hair)

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What a way to celebrate 10 years! (Credit: Instagram)

Once the top half of hair is gathered, twist it together for security and use large bobby pins to hold it into place. Position the bobby pins in opposite directions to ensure the half-up will have long-lasting hold.


Apply a volumising powder directly behind the gathered area and backcomb using a teasing brush. This will add necessary height and volume to the style so that, when adding accessories, the hair will still be visible from the front. Make sure to smooth out the top layer of hair after teasing to ensure it appears uniform. Spray another coat of hairspray so the style can hold its shape.

KYK Magic Dust Volume Powder (Credit: KYK Hair)

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Using a 32mm curler on the ends of the hair, place each section of strands underneath the barrel so they wrap over. This will give a soft flick and texture to the style. Once curled, you can either lightly comb out the pieces for a softer blend or keep a more dramatic ‘flipped’ look by spraying them to hold.

Silver Bullet Fastlane Titanium Curling Iron Rose Gold 32mm (Credit: Adore Beauty)

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Add a ribbon on top or a bridal hairpiece and voilà! You’re ready to live out your 60’s hair dreams.

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