10 trendy Aussie activewear brands to try

Classy and comfy!
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Breaking a sweat in workout clothes doesn’t mean looking unfashionable anymore!

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Back then, if you said ‘gym clothes’, people would picture baggy sweats and ratty shirts. Nowadays, ‘activewear’ or ‘athleisure’ has sleek, stylish leggings and comfy shorts that are right on trend, both in and out of the gym!

What items are activewear clothing staples, and where can you get activewear in Australia? Find out more about the most popular activewear brands in this article!

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What is activewear?

Activewear is a style of clothing that was originally meant to be worn for sports or exercise.

Back in the seventies and eighties, there wasn’t much of a difference between the terms ‘activewear’ and ‘sportswear’, both referring to clothes that you wear to work out.

Now that we see more celebrities and fashionistas donning leggings and running shoes out of the gym, there’s been a clearer difference between the two.

When you refer to ‘activewear’ now, you’re referring to clothes that are meant to be a transition between working out and dressing casually, so they’re for people who live active lifestyles. That’s why they may have the same comfy materials, but they’re not designed for any specific sport the way sportswear is.

Activewear marries style and function, so you can wear these items even when you’re not planning to hit the gym!

10. Zyia Activewear

Slimming activewear for a flattering silhouette.

Buy their activewear here.

(Credit: Zyia)

This direct-sales activewear company was founded in 2017 in Utah, emphasizing the use of moisture-wicking and anti-odour tech for their fabric.

Stretchy and designed to provide muscle support for workouts, this is a brand that focuses on keeping you dry and comfy throughout the day.

Their clothes range from sizes XXS (0) to XXL (16).

Their leggings retail for $AUD74, while their summer shorts cost a bit over $AUD57. They regularly roll out new items every week but don’t have physical stores, so you will have to order through a sales representative to find out what new items they’re carrying.


Get the perfect fit without breaking the bank.

Buy their activewear here.

(Credit: ASOS)

ASOS has been selling cheap and cheerful clothing since 2000, but did you know that they have clothes in more than 30 sizes? With lines designed to fit bodies ranging from the petite to the plus-size, you can definitely find the perfect fit here.

You can get ASOS workout singlets for as low as $AUD15, and leggings at around $AUD20 to $AUD25. Even with low prices, they’re working on providing sustainable fashion, and have strict sourcing to prevent animal cruelty.

8. L’urv

A local activewear brand that’s environment-conscious

Buy their activewear here.

(Credit: L’urv)

Committed since 2012 to providing activewear that’s environmentally-friendly, this Melbourne-founded label is inspired by nature and uses organic or natural fibres.

Their clothes may be designed for yoga and dancing, but they’re also meant to cater to ‘sports fashionistas’, providing a unique look even when you’re done working out for the day.

Their leggings are a bit pricier than other brands, ranging from $AUD80 to $AUD129.

While they don’t have as broad a size range, the quality of their materials are top-notch, and the unique prints mean you’ll definitely stand out from other athleisure looks!

7. Nimble

Gym style that helps save the planet.

Buy their activewear here.

This local brand was launched in 2014 to provide simple, quality basics that you can wear in and out of the gym. They’re known for creating breathable monochromatic top and leggings sets, which go for $AUD140 to $AUD200.

The best part? Their clothes are made from their signature fabrics, COMPRESSLITE and MOVELITE, which are woven from used recycled plastic bottles. Their sizes only range from XXS to L, but this is an absolute gem if you’re looking for sustainable activewear.

(Credit: Nimble)

6. Girlfriend

For lightweight, eco-friendly attire in different sizes.

Buy their activewear here.

Made from discarded water bottles, their activewear line is ethically-made and comes in sizes ranging from XXS to 6XL. Unlike other brands that require a minimum spend before you get free shipping, you can get free shipping from Girlfriend on any leggings, even without a special code.

Their recycled activewear debuted in 2016, with classic colours and comfy fits that will never go out of style. Their compressive leggings go for $AUD68, and their windbreakers cost around $AUD118. They don’t have a physical store in Australia, but you can easily use their shipping deals to order from their official site.

(Credit: Girlfriend)

5. Target

Keep an eye out for discounts on their affordable athleisure clothes.

Buy their activewear here.

They’ve been selling clothes in the US since 1902, but it’s their activewear which has recently proven quite popular! They’re known for their bundle deals where they offer sports bras at two for only $AUD60, which is an absolute steal.

Their leggings range from $AUD10 to $AUD 45, depending on the material, and come in a variety of prints and sizes. They have several branches in every state in Australia, so it’s easy to pop by and see which bundle deal for women’s activewear is available this week!

4. Cotton On

Different activewear items for a range of activities.

Buy their activewear here.

Cotton On is known for affordable style, but it’s also a great place to shop for inexpensive activewear! With leggings priced at $AUD30 and tanks at less than $AUD20, their regular bundle deals and sales make it a trove for athleisure lovers. With activewear for yoga, running, and biking, there’s something for every activity.

They’ve also made a conscious effort to create more lines using recycled fibres, providing shorts, leggings and tops that range from XXS to XXXL. With multiple branches all over Australia, you can easily locate a store near you, or shop from their website and use promos for free shipping!

3. Adidas

This well-known athletic brand is all the rage.

Buy their activewear here.

Founded way back in 1949, Adidas has been providing some of the best athletic clothing and shoes all over the world, designed to maximize performance for your chosen sport. Their Neo Activewear is a sub-brand line that puts as much emphasis on style as it does tech, making it a top choice amongst athleisure aficionados. 

Men’s shorts go for as low as $AUD31 here, and their comfortable slide-ons cost $AUD50. Their signature three-stripe pants range from $AUD70 to $AUD140, depending on the style you pick. Adidas sizes range from XXS to 4X, so it’s easy to find the right fit. Adidas is stocked virtually everywhere in Australia, but you can also get your items shipped for free if your order total comes to $AUD100!

(Credit: Adidas)

2. P.E. Nation

One of the coolest activewear brand today!

Buy their activewear here.

Founded in 2016, P.E. Nation has fast become a favourite with Young Hollywood, spotted on the likes of Margot Robbie and Kylie Jenner. Their colourful windbreakers, and form-fitting collections have made them one of Australia’s hottest activewear brands. Their leggings cost around $AUD109 to $AUD149, and their sports bras sell for $AUD79 to $AUD129.

Sizes are a bit limited, ranging only from XS to L, but their collections are also created with an emphasis on sustainable packaging and fabrics. David Jones and Move Athletica stock this brand all over Australia, so it’s not hard to snag a P.E. Nation piece!

(Credit: P.E. Nation)

1. Nike

Classic, comfy activewear for men and women.

Buy their activewear here.

Established in 1964, Nike is a reliable pick for high-performing athletic wear. It’s recently become well-known for its basic activewear pieces that wick moisture and fit comfortably, and for running shoes that also work well for casual street style.

Nike’s clothes are reasonably priced, with men’s joggers at $AUD60 and women’s leggings ranging from $AUD55 to $AUD175 depending on the style and fabric. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop where both you and your partner can get activewear, this is the brand of choice.

They have sizes ranging from XS to XL, and you can order from their website or go to your nearest store.

Activewear combines comfort with fashion

Ranging from futuristic, form-fitting bottoms to versatile hoodies and tees, activewear has pieces that anyone can wear.

If you’re dying to dip your toes into athletic fashion, these amazing brands will definitely have something that you can take from your workout to a regular day out.

There’s no need to sacrifice comfort with this hot new style!

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