Revolutionise your cycle with the help of period underwear

Stay confident and leak free while being kind to the environment.
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Periods can be a pain. So anything we can do to make it through as easily and conveniently as possible, you can sign us right up. 

Which is why we are intrigued by the menstrual hack on everyone’s mind, period underwear.

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For years, pads and tampons were the only options available, but now there’s a new kid on the block – period underwear.

Not only are these handy garments, much more sustainably conscious (in our lifetime the average menstruator will go through 5000-15000 pads and tampons, all of which end up in landfill), but they are super comfortable and allow a sense of freedom during cycles. 

For those with a heavy flow, layer this with your usual menstrual cup or tampon for extra protection, or wear them on lighter days for some assurance of leak free movement. 

Not only this but they’ll save you some cash considering they’re reusable and washable meaning you can wear them period after period. 

How often should you wash your period underwear?

First things first, you should wash your period underwear before you wear them for the first time. For many brands this actually ‘activates’ the technology in the underwear, but regardless it’s a great habit to get into for hygiene. 

After wearing, rinse your underwear under cold water to get rid of the blood, do this until the water runs clear. Then you can either wash them by hand or pop in the machine, with a mild detergent and no softener (best to go for a cooler cycle). 

Then simply hang up your period underwear to dry and wear them again and again! 

Have we converted you? Try them out for yourself and scroll on to find out top picks that offer maximum protection, comfort, and sustainability. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned pro, these are sure to make your periods a lot easier to manage.

The best period underwear for your next cycle in 2023 

(Credit: Boody)

Period and leak-proof classic bikini, $22.95, Boody

Enjoy all the comfort of super soft bamboo underwear and the added protection while on your period. This classic bikini-style period underwear can hold up to two tampons worth of blood, and you can even bulk-buy for convenience. 


(Credit: Juju)

Absorbent period underwear bikini, $13.77 (usually $22.95), Juju

Pick the level of absorbency you require for your period and never be concerned with the discomfort of pads and tampons again. They’re tag free and ultra-breathable for your comfort, not to mention on sale. 


(Credit: Scarlet)

Scarlet Period-proof G String, $32, a-beauty

If you prefer a G-string design to your underwear but still want to have protection against leakages and spills, this pair from Scarlet is a great option to shop for. 


(Credit: Triumph)

Triumph Tai freedom briefs, $39.95, THE ICONIC

A touch of lace will never go astray, this elegant pair feel discreet and comfortable whilst also being able to hold up to three tampons of blood. 


(Credit: Modibodi)

Recycled seamfree bikini, $31, Modibodi

Modibodi are famous for their period underwear and it’s easy to see why. Made from an ultra-smooth recycled fabric, offering seam free coverage whilst protecting against leakages. 


(Credit: Love Luna)

Love Luna Women’s period midi brief, $35, Big W

Get three pairs at an affordable price with this bundle from Love Luna. They come in a classic flattering cut and are a dream to wash and re-wear time and time again. 


LEAD IMAGE: Boody / AWWA / Modibodi

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