The most controversial dresses at Paris Fashion week

Shock-factor is at a good 8.
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You know those thoughts you have in your head but can’t actually say out loud? Well don’t worry, if you have some extra moolah to fork out for a designer dress, fashion house Viktor & Rolf will do the talking for you.

The designers sent some interesting (to say the least) dresses down the Paris fashion week runway last week, and understandably received a lot of hype on social media. We’re not going to lie though, some of these dresses are speaking to our 2019 mood.

The attention-grabbing dresses weren’t just getting buzz for their massive size, but for the painfully truthful statements like “I’m not shy, I just don’t like you.” And “Go fu*k yourself

It wasn’t all negative though. Some of the dresses housed more empowering quotes like “I am my own muse” and “give a damn

Personally, we’d prefer these statements on a t-shirt, but hey, if overflowing tulle dresses is your thing…

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