Five tips to reduce your belly fat

Follow these simple steps to banish the bulge!
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1. Cut the sugar

Our bodies are built to handle no more than two teaspoons of sugar at once. By choosing low-carb options you’re limiting the amount of carbohydrates that can be converted to sugar, and when carbs are restricted, your body burns fat for fuel instead – often from around your belly.

2. Add more protein to your diet

A diet rich in protein will help keep your appetite in check – a key factor for a trim tum. Eat a protein-packed snack, such as a low sugar and low-carb Atkins snack bar to keep those hunger pangs at bay for longer.

3. Reduce salt

One of the common reasons we retain fluid is due to a diet high in salt from processed and fast foods, as well as Asian and Indian cuisines. Read the salt content on packaging as generally anything over 300mg of sodium per 100g serving should be avoided to reduce bloating.

4. Drink tea

Dandelion, peppermint and liquorice tea each have powerful diuretic properties that help to eliminate extra fluid from the body. Just make sure to consult your doctor about using herbal remedies—some have side-effects and may interact with certain medications.  

5. Get moving

Find a fitness class you enjoy and burn those calories! Up the amount of cardio you do per week and you’ll soon notice a difference around your waistline.

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