Johnny Ruffo gives update on his chemotherapy

Wishing the Home And Away star a speedy recovery!

Johnny Ruffo has given an update on his year-long cancer battle, and revealed his chemotherapy is ‘going well.’

The 30-year-old Home And Away star revealed some of the gruesome details of the emergency brain surgery that he underwent last year to remove the life-threatening tumour. 

Speaking to Kyle and Jackie O on Tuesday morning, Ruffo compared the surgery to the 1997 thriller ‘Face/Off.’

Although, despite the gruesome comparison, Ruffo admitted he was ‘proud of his scar.’ 

‘I like it!’ he told the hosts. ‘You know I go to the hairdresser and I say, can you make sure you cut along the scar…make it so you can see it,’ he said.

‘I went through a lot of c**p to get this scar.’ 

Ruffo also opened up on the long battle that he is still fighting. 

When asked if he’s still undergoing chemotherapy, the actor replied he goes to the hospital once a month for a period of four to five days. 

Kyle probes, ‘Does it make you feel horrible?’

To which Johnny reveals, ‘Yeah, it makes you feel horrible.’

Ruffo also opened up to the radio hosts about his longtime partner Tahnee Sims. 

Asking if she had ‘stuck around,’ Johnny laughs and says ‘Yep, she’s still here.’ 

‘She’s been great, she’s been awesome,’ he adds. 

Hilariously, Johnny reveals that it was through Instagram the couple met. 

‘I slid into her DM’s (direct messages),’ Ruffo reveals, through laughter. 

After seeing a few pictures of the beautiful blonde in his Instagram feed, Johnny decided to message her. After a year of messaging, the two decided to meet, and have been together for several years. 

Shock jock Kyle probed the entertainer even further, asking: ‘Are you going to marry your girlfriend.’

Johnny revealed, ‘Yeah.’ 

‘When?’ Kyle continued.

‘She brings it up everyday,’ Johnny tells. 

Kyle adds, ‘You should say you’ve got amnesia.’ 

Wishing Johnny all the best in his recovery! 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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