The mistake costing Aussie travellers hundreds

This travel hack will save you some serious cash!
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AUSTRALIANS are known for being relaxed but when it comes to booking holidays, their laidback natures are costing Aussie travellers big bucks.

New airfare data from travel search engine found travellers could save up to $431 on each international trip if they booked flights at the right time.

The findings show Australian travellers are booking domestic flights just 18 days out from their trip when they should be booking at least 25 days prior to departure. Internationally, holiday-makers typically book their getaway 69 days out when they should be looking at 135 days prior to save cash.

Being organised means more savings – and longer in paradise (Credit: Getty Images)

“Our data shows us that Aussies are a little bit too spontaneous for their own good, tending to book their flights slightly too late and missing out on some serious savings,” KAYAK’s regional director for Asia-Pacific Robin Chiang told

“Each destination has different optimum lead times so we’ve created a ‘Best Time to Book’ travel guide for Aussie travellers.

“The guide reveals the cheapest months to visit the popular and trending destinations, how far in advance to book and most importantly, whether you are getting a good deal.”

The new findings show London-bound travellers are booking about 71 days out from their flight but should be looking at four months in advance, to potentially save up to $521. Domestically, Aussies typically secure a trip to Melbourne 15 days out but would save around $81 if they booked a month in advance.

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