Ada Nicodemou: It Was Time to Change

The 'Home and Away' star tells WHO about her plan to overhaul her body-and life
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Over the past year, Ada Nicodemou noticed that something was off. “I wake up tired all the time,” says the Home and Away star, 40. “I just don’t feel like I’m living life to my full potential.” The culprit? “I just haven’t been focusing as much on myself and my health.”

For the actress, that led to occasional overeating—“I can have two to three breakfasts!”—and over-indulging in sugary treats and wine. “I feel like I haven’t stopped drinking champagne since my birthday last year in Italy and it all starts to add up.”

ada nicodemou
(Credit: Lawrence Furzey)

The solution is an eight-week health-and-fitness challenge the star is embarking on with Sydney trainer Lia Jones, of Fit Me Jones. Out goes alcohol and sugar and in come high-intensity workouts and strength work. However, Ada stresses that it’s not about losing weight. “I have never dieted—I’m not dieting now,” explains the 1.55 m star, single mum of Johnas, 5. “I will try to concentrate more on body fat and sculpting.”

Her ultimate goal, she says, is to have more energy for Johnas—and more energy for life. “As mothers, we worry about everyone else and not so much about our own wellness,” says Ada. “It’s important for me to spend the next eight weeks thinking, ‘Ok, Ada, let’s reassess everything.’ ”

ada nicodemou
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For more on Ada Nicodemou’s health challenge, pick up the new issue of Who, on sale Thursday.

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