Alex Nation reveals she will be “monitored weekly” in candid bump update

She’s currently pregnant with her third child
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Alex Nation has shared with followers, “a bump update,” sharing details on her current pregnancy with baby number three. 

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The star, who announced her pregnancy in October 2022, shared that she and partner Carson’s child is “measuring small” and she would now be monitored weekly until their child’s arrival. 

“Our little babe is measuring small, in the 8th percentile,” she explained alongside a photo of her cradling her bump. 

“I will now be cared for under a specialist obstetrician and monitored weekly to make sure this tiny little darling is baking along okay in there.” 

“It’s been overwhelming and my anxiety hasn’t been kind to me” she continued in the candid post. 

“It just feels like one thing after another at the moment. But I continue to practice gratitude for this body, this pregnancy and this tiny but mighty little babe growing inside of me.”

Alex Nation
Alex took to Instagram to share an update with fans. (Credit: Instagram)

 The mum-to-be also shared with her followers that she was planning a caesarean birth, admitting she felt “incredibly overwhelmed and nervous.”

“The birth of my last babe is looking very different to the birth that I have envisioned and fantasised about for the last 34 weeks,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I have one last ultrasound next week to see if my placenta has done what it needs to do to give me the final birth that I so badly want. I have however already grieved for that experience and am now sitting in and accepting my new reality, that I will most likely be a belly-birthing Mumma.”

“It’ll be different, but it will be just as beautiful as the births of my two boys.”

Alex Nation
“It’s been overwhelming.” (Credit: Instagram)

Late last year Alex opened up about her emotional third pregnancy and why she knows it will be her last in 9Honey’s ‘Pregnancy Diaries.’

“Sadly, this is going to be my last pregnancy. I haven’t enjoyed it,” she shared. 

The star revealed the difficult physical symptoms and side effects she had been dealing with this pregnancy, including nausea, heart palpitations, fainting episodes and anxiety. 

Alex previously shared that this would likely be her last pregnancy. (Credit: Instagram)

Despite loving her first two pregnancy experiences, Alex revealed that her current pregnancy was nowhere near as easy – and not only has it impacted her own mental health but affected her relationships with her partner and sons.

Alex already has two children, a son Maxwell, who was born in August 2021, whom she shares with partner Carson Jory and Elijah, 11, from a previous relationship. 

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