Ali Oetjen shows off new small boobs after removing fake implants

She's never looked better!
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The Bachelorette’s Ali Oetjen has shown off her new smaller breasts after having her implants removed – and she’s never felt more confident!

WATCH: Ali Oetjen shows off her smaller breasts after reduction surgery 

The 34-year-old took the opportunity to show off her perky new assets whilst sunbathing at her parents’ farm in Queensland, where she has been self-isolating for the past week due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the video, Ali explained to her fans the importance of keeping a wellness journey, especially during this difficult time.

(Credit: Instagram)

“In my journal, I usually write three things I am grateful for and three of my goals,” Ali said, smiling.

Ali went in for surgery last August after she said she wanted to get back her “natural and authentic” breast size.

The star had undergone a breast enlargement surgery in her early twenties to make one of her ex-boyfriends happy but admitted she never truly felt comfortable with her enhanced chest.

(Credit: Instagram)

“It is a personal thing but knowing I got them for the wrong reasons, I don’t want any girl to go through that same thing,” she told The Daily Telegraph in 2018.

“So that is why I wanted to share [my story about getting implants], to make sure other girls don’t make that mistake.”

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