Bachelorette Angie and Carlin’s awkward TV clash

A tell-tale sign about the state of their relationship
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If looks could kill, Carlin Sterritt would no longer be with us! The fitness instructor got into a bit of an on-screen clash with his new girlfriend, Angie Kent during their appearance on Have You Been Paying Attention.

WATCH Angie and Carlin’s awkward TV moment below:

The Bachelorette couple joined the show as guest quiz masters on Monday, November 18, where the former Bachelorette was congratulated on the release of her new book, If You Don’t Laugh You’ll Cry.

But things quickly turned ever so slightly (read: VERY) awkward when panellist Peter Helliar asked if Carlin had read his new girlfriend’s literary offering.

(Credit: Ten)

“Not yet, I’m waiting for my signed copy,” he laughed sheepishly.

Shooting her beau a murderous look, Angie passed Carlin a copy of the book whilst saying sarcastically, “This is for you.”

The couple even appeared tense in the promo shot for the show. (Credit: Ten)

The couple, who went public with their romance just under two weeks ago have already been plagued by split rumours.

While many are refusing to believe their relationship has already hit rock bottom, new photos showing the couple in a tense confrontation definitely adds more weight to claims they’re gearing up to announce their separation in the near future.

On Monday, the former Gogglebox star and her actor boyfriend were spotted inside a Melbourne shopping centre where, according to onlookers, they seemed “distant” and disinterested in chatting. After what the spy described as a “heated conversation”, Angie and Carlin are said to have spent the rest of the outing on their mobile phones.

You can see the photo’s here.

Furthermore, Sportsbet punters claimed the odds of Angie and Carlin staying together for more than 59 days was slim.

“Angie cried a lot in the final episodes when she sent some of the guys packing. Carlin was definitely not the crowd favourite and we’re tipping he won’t be Angie’s for too much longer,” said’s Rich Hummerston.

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