Australian Survivor Luke Toki’s newborn baby needed emergency surgery

She's not even a day old.

Many will remember the 2017 king of the jungle, Australian Survivor contestant Luke Toki.

The proud dad-of-two took to Instagram to announce his partner Mary had just given birth to their third child.

But sadly there were complications. 

Sharing his daughter’s first photos, Luke posted a message to all his loved ones.

“Mary and I would like to welcome our 3rd child, Madeline Snow Toki.”

She was born yesterday morning on March 11 at 8.49 am, with the dad sharing she weighed 7.1 pounds.

He wrote, “You are not even one day old yet but have already undergone your first surgery. She was born with intestinal atresia.”

“Mary has had to be strong knowing the baby would be pulled away from her and put in another hospital straight after birth.”

He continued, “After being at @pchfwa we know you are in the safest hands possible and hoping for a full recovery. We are still learning of the condition of the situation as we speak.”

(Credit: Ten)

Meanwhile, Mary also updated everyone on her baby’s condition.

“After 548 days in planning & 273 days in creating, finally you are here – Madeline Snow Toki.” 

“As the amazing doctors get to work, the days ahead of you are not yet known.”

She continued, “You are not even one day old but have already undergone your first surgery, as we wait for answers as to what caused the intestinal atresia we know you are in the safest hands possible and hoping for a full recovery.”

“We are already so blessed to have you in our lives 💖”

Mary and Luke, who hail from Perth, are already parents to their two boys Lennox and Nate.

While Luke didn’t take out the show, his friend and winner Jericho Malabonga famously shared his $500,000 prize money to take Luke and his family to Disneyland in September. 

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