Bachelorette winner Taite just wanted fame

The shocking texts from his ex.
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He stole Ali Oetjen’s heart as the winner of The Bachelorette Australia… But according to pals all Taite Radley truly wanted was to steal the spotlight.

Taite Radley had Ali Oetjen swooning from the moment she laid eyes on him at the Bachelorette mansion. 

But one friend of the winner says that it was all part of his plan.

Daily Mail obtained text messages between the 28-year-old and Geordie Shore star Dee Nguyen.

The pair first met in 2017 on Seven’s First Dates

“It’s better to be famous than a nobody.”

Another message from him reads, “I have been looking online, I would love to apply for a few other [shows].”

Then in 2015, Taite put a Facebook status that said, “I give Facebook permission to spread my photos across the internet and make me famous. It’s better to be famous than a nobody.”

He even went out for Blake Garvey, writing: “Blake on The Bachelor hasn’t even got past first base yet, give them all the flick.”


Three years later, Taite is now Ali’s chosen one.

During Thursday’s finale he expressed his love for the Bachelorette.

“I’m falling in love with you. I love you Ali.”

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