In pictures: Barry Hall and Lauren Brant’s love story

This beautiful couple have built a lovely life together.
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Barry Hall and Lauren Brant had a big year in 2021 – not only did they reveal they’d secretly tied the knot in February, but the couple also gave birth to their third son, Samson.

WATCH BELOW: Lauren Brant and Barry Hall emotional A Current Affair

On a sombre episode of A Current Affair, the beloved Aussie couple shared the story of how they finally – after years together and two sons between them – came to be married.

It began with their story of loss, with Lauren’s sister-in-law, Sandra passing away from bowel cancer early in 2021.

Days before they lost Sandy, the couple wed in secret in a sunflower field, and realised they were pregnant with their third child. 

Prior to their massive year of change, however, Lauren and Barry had already been enjoying a beautiful love story together.

The pair fell in love on I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! Australia. (Credit: Getty)

The couple met in 2015 while filming the then-new series, I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! While Lauren was eliminated fourth, Barry went on to come in second place.

However, he was the winner of Lauren’s heart.

The retired AFL player and children’s entertainer did not confirm they were dating until November 2016, and by then Lauren was pregnant.

Barry and Lauren in 2016. (Credit: Instagram)

After the birth of her son, Lauren was quite candid about her experience of pregnancy.

“I had water retention and swollen breasts straight away, but no bump. I couldn’t understand why the rest of my body was showing signs of pregnancy but not the area that was ‘supposed to’,” she explained in a chat with Pregnancy Life and Style in 2017.

“You have to deal with it because it’s all going to be so worth it,” she said.

They welcomed their first son, Miller, on May 7, 2017.

When Miller was around a year old, the family up and moved from the Gold Coast to Melbourne, where Barry had been previously based.

Lauren spoke openly about her pregnancy. (Credit: Instagram)

Lauren was open about the sadness of leaving her family behind, especially given that she was pregnant again with the couple’s second child.

“No amount of positive thinking can prepare you for saying ‘farewell’ to your family as you move interstate,” she wrote on Instagram.

They welcomed a second son, Houston, into their family on May 24th, 2019, while living in Melbourne.

The couple welcomed two sons across two years. (Credit: Instagram)

Meanwhile, Lauren’s sister-in-law Sandra had been battling bowel cancer for some time, leading Lauren to post in March last year, where she explained that Sandra had become cancer-free after treatment.

However, she posted the same photo only a few months later, explaining that Sandra’s cancer had come back rather aggressively, and asked for messages of love, peace and joy for her sister.

Sadly, Sandra passed away in March 2021.

(Credit: Instagram)

Sandra’s difficulty procuring a diagnosis for her cancer galvanised Lauren to speak candidly on social media about the need to be aware of symptoms and get tested for the illness.

Lauren, along with Barry, made the appearance on A Current Affair to discuss their loss and the need to raise awareness for bowel cancer diagnosis, but they also spoke about their secret wedding months prior.

“In amidst the twilight of heartache, hopelessness and suffering … We found the purest joy, a transformational discovery,” she wrote on Instagram alongside pictures of their wedding.

Sandra was the maid of honour.

Lauren addressed the secrecy a few days later, alongside a photo of her family of four.

“I really can’t find the words to explain what it’s like when your loved one is dying in front of you, and you know that you nor anyone else, can do a thing to save them,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Nothing was planned, it just happened in pure surrender. This was true to Barry & my story too,” she explained.

Lauren already had her hands full with her two sons when she realised she was expecting a third. (Credit: Instagram)

“We had no desire to share anything – I felt that I was emotionally bankrupt and exhausted and couldn’t give or take from anyone other than my family. The family held each other.

“It’s my absolute pleasure to now share with the world, our surreal (tragically perfect) love story,” she resolved.

She also announced at the time that her and Barry’s third son was due in October of that year.

Over the ensuing weeks, she continued to share the story of Sandy’s loss, including how she discovered her pregnancy just weeks before Sandy passed away.

Beach day! (Credit: Instagram)

But as the due date loomed, Barry was actually away from his family for a while, filming the 2022 season of SAS Australia.

Lauren posted a photo of herself and her pretty big bump at the time, seeming smiley as ever.

36 + 3 … and doing it él solo at home with the two boys!” she penned.

“My incredible husband @barryhallofficial has accepted another challenge and is currently away filming for the next season of @sasaustralia 😳” she added.

“Anxiety levels are slightly raised 🤣 Also, not loving the fact that I can’t even talk to Baz… but, one day at a time & very thankful my Mumma has stepped in to help and be here juuuuust in case ‘anything’ happens…🤭” she finished.

The big happy family. (Credit: Instagram)

Luckily, their bub held in there, and Lauren gave birth to Samson Andy Hall on October 26, 2021.

His name was a tribute to her sister-in-law, with the first initial and middle name reading as S. Andy.

The name Samson also means ‘light’, which honoured Sandy’s love of sunshine and sunflowers.

The gorgeous family of now-five are often seen on Lauren’s social media, where she is prolific and eager to share her love for Barry.

“Love this man so much!” she recently captured a photo of herself alongside her husband.

He is SUCH a comforting person and it seems everyone on @sasaustralia is realising that! 🤍.”

(Credit: Instagram)

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