MAFS’ Bryce and Melissa test negative to COVID amid boxing-match outbreak

The pair are now free to enjoy their first Christmas with their twins.
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Married at First Sight couple Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson have tested negative to COVID-19 among an outbreak scare at a boxing match they attended last week.

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Fears about the event becoming a super-spreader began when attendee, and former star of The Block and Love Island, Josh Packham, learned he was positive.

Josh was in attendance to support his twin brother, Luke, who fighting on the night among the likes of Bachelorette stars Ciarran Stott and Shannon Karaka.

The night of fighting was well-attended by former contestants from both the MAFS and Bachelorette franchises.

Bryce and Melissa have both tested negative. (Credit: Instagram)

Bryce mentioned that he and Melissa would be having tests given that Josh had tested positive, and then shared an image to his Instagram stories overnight of the pair holding two negative rapid-antigen tests.

The negative result would come as a relief to the couple, who have just welcomed their twin sons home from the hospital after they were born 10 weeks premature.

However, Josh is encouraging anyone who might have come into contact with him to get tested.

Alana was ring girl on the night. (Credit: Instagram)

Alana Lister, a fellow MAFS contestant who acted as ‘ring girl’ on the night, has also since tested negative.

“I woke up to a lot of messages about there being a possible [COVID-19] outbreak at the boxing event that I was at in Melbourne over the weekend,” she said in a post to her Instagram stories.

She returned a negative test when she got back home to Queensland but took another as a precaution.

Sam Carraro competed on the night. (Credit: Instagram)

The boxing match was also attended by MAFS contestants Belinda Vickers, James Susler, Jason Engler, and Sam Carraro, who allegedly came to blows with Bryce.

Their on-screen feud seemed to spill over into real life, with the pair getting into a scuffle that was filmed by shocked onlookers.

“I put my hands up to prevent the situation from escalating and pushed Sam back. I could see that Bryce and Sam were going at each other,” Melissa has said in the days since as people began to speculate about the moment.

“That’s why I got in front of Bryce, and you can see me pushing Sam back.”

“He stood there, I went up to the rope, things happened (and he) basically put her in danger. You never do that to a woman, you never put her in between two men,” Bryce told The Daily Mail of the incident.

“We’re allowed to have a night out.” (Credit: Instagram)

The pair also felt the need to defend their parenting in the days that followed, as online trolls called them out for attending the event while their newborns stayed at home.

“We’re allowed to have a night out to go and celebrate Christmas like anyone else is doing for work parties or with their friends,” Bryce said over Instagram the following day.

“The boys were in safe and capable hands with Melissa’s parents; we wouldn’t just leave them with anyone,” Bryce said.

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