Ray Martin, Kerri-Anne Kennerley pay tribute to beloved Channel 9 star

Following his tragic death.

Entertainer Geoff Harvey has passed away aged 83.

Harvey was best known for his work on The Don Lane Show, The Mike Walsh Show and the Midday show, hosted by Ray Martin.

Martin paid tribute, describing him as “the face of television”.

Geoff and Ray
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“He had more friends than anyone in the business, Martin told Nine News, adding: “Everyone loved Geoff Harvey.”

Harvey joined the Nine Network in 1961. He was the musical director at the network for 38 years and was given the nickname, the Maestro of Midday.

Harvey made his last TV appearance in January as a guest on Studio 10 opposite Kerri-Anne Kennerley.

Geoff and KAK
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“I just had the most privileged experience with him,” Kennerley told The Daily Telegraph.

“He was so funny and talented and so quick and dry-witted. I am just really, really sad.”

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