Dancing With The Stars 2019: Who is Jett Kenny?

Here's everything you need to know!

We may see him salsa-ing his way through Dancing With The Stars, but who exactly is the man with the abs – Jett Kenny!

The 23-year-old lifesaver is the son of Olympic swimming gold medallist Lisa Curry and ironman Grant Kenny.

While he’s known for his chiselled chest and golden smile, Kenny once told WHO he feels most sexy when he’s got a shirt on.

For me, getting dressed up and having a nice suit on is more appealing than being down at the beach in a pair of boardshorts,” Kenny says.

The part-time model believes that being talented is just as important as having good looks.

“People say it’s fine to just have a pretty face, but if there’s nothing behind it then it’s a bit dull and boring. People want smart and sexy. You need to have something else going for you.”

He attributes most of his success to genetics and hard work, but says having famous parents helped him kickstart his career.

Well we CAN’T WAIT to see him move his hips on Dancing With The Stars!

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